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Bad Buyer: holyphonemanx2 <>


Purchase date:February 2011
Buyer's name:Eric Johnston
Buyer's username:holyphonemanx2
Phone number:(440) 331-2839
Buyer's address4448 Angela Dr Fairview Park, OH 44126-2002
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:other
Category:Everything Else

Please note that this buyer has searched the ENTIRE bad buyers list for everything that I have posted over the past SEVERAL years. He has no idea behind the complaints (except his) but he stills claims that the reports are bogus and he has been cyber stalking me. keep in mind that these reports were ALL several years ago yet he is STILL stalking me.
I am a top rated power seller on ebay. Any ebay seller know that you have to earn this and ebay doesn't give those titles lightly.
I'm not sure why this buyer thinks he knows everything about every single sale I have made over the past several years nor do I know why he is continuing this stalking but beware of him.

Buyer's IP address: 71.198.X.X
Reported at:
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Dear Readers, Please be warned that the seller who crafted this "report", eBayer funwiththekids (Ricky M. of MA), wrote false slanderous reports on the innocent buyers: copprincess, kdndmercury, holyphonemanx2, huntin-n-fishin, brab421981 and momof5girls2012. Feel free to read those reports, check their feedback and note the vindictive, insulting and immature attitude of funwiththekids. Looking at funwiththekids' feedback, an observant individual can readily see that funwiththekids conveniently crafted "badbuyer" reports on virtually all who contradicted them. Even those who left neutral feedback were not spared. Thank you for reading and good luck with eBay. Best Wishes - A concerned eBayer

Posted over 7 years ago by 71.198.X.X Report as SPAM

as stated....this person is STILL stalking me after over 2 YEARS! He refuses to tell me why he feels any report is false when IN FACT (and I have proof) that they are all TRUE. Go ahead and look at my feedback. I have over 1865 positive. ebay classifies me as a top rated power seller. Eric Johnston (holyphonemanx2) has a piddly 78....NONE as a seller.....and NONE recent. So you tell me. What makes him the God of selling on ebay? What makes him the God of ANYTHING???? he is a psycho who is pissed that he couldn't rip me off.
We had ONE....yes ONE transaction over 2 yrs ago....
He was unhappy....and was offered a refund but he refused to return the item, therefore trying to steal the item AND get his money back. He did get his refund but ebay MADE HIM return the item per their TOS....therefore ruining his plans and totally pissing him off. (which I was able to resell at more of a profit....which REALLY made him mad). Enough that he started his stalking spree lasting over 2 years. He even listed me as a bad buyer trying to retaliate. Not sure how that works since he has never sold anything except bullshit in his life! I am sure he will respond to this because he has serious problems and just cannot stop. Apparently he needs to seek professional help but refuses to do that too. It is becoming a joke and anyone with half a brain that reads any of this can see exactly what kind of person he is. it's getting VERY old Eric. You keep repeating yourself over and over and over..... but you won't say how you know everything is false and bogus. How do you know about things that has nothing to do with you? You have no idea who I even am. It is truly sad that you have no family and no life and you have to occupy all your time stalking me.

Posted over 7 years ago by 98.217.X.X Report as SPAM

Again, I am not Eric. I and several other buyers have commented on all of your reports, I don't understand your obsession with this one buyer. Funwiththekids' reports and comments were so offensive that the victims even felt prompted to email each other, to express condolence and suggest action etc, hence the recent sudden influx of comments and interest. Funwiththekids' comments became so unraveled and disagreeable I think they may have embarrassed theirself if that is even possible, therefore the need for a defensive story and multiple reports (to distract from the originals? who knows). I urge the readers of this comment not to take sides hastily but simply read all the reports and decide for themselves (kdndmercury, holyphonemanx2, huntin-n-fishin, copprincess, brab421981 and momof5girls2012). The reader may note, that funwiththekids pretends to be multiple commenters commenting on their own reports (huntin-n-fishin) and that funwiththekids admitted to enjoying angering others and immaturely sunk to offensive name-calling (at one point, bringing up subjects as profane as the buyer's genitalia). My only goal is to mitigate this hurtful, slanderous propaganda devised by funwiththekids. I have no ill-feeling or ill-wishes for funwiththekids personally and I wish them well.

Posted over 7 years ago by 71.198.X.X Report as SPAM
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