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Bad Buyer: funwiththekids


Purchase date:May 2012
Buyer's name:Ricky Melton
Buyer's username:funwiththekids
Phone number:(978) 968-5513
Buyer's addressBeverly, MA
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:other
Category:Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

This person is very vindictive and rude. They write unnecessarily inflammatory comments in feedback and write false badbuyer reports on this site for EVERYONE, even those leaving polite neutral feedback. ..... Check the report funwiththekids left for huntin-n-fishin on this site. Funwiththekids PRETENDED TO BE TWO ADDITIONAL COMMENTERS (check the IP address). They admitted to faking, replying "who cares". .... Overall, this person seems very easy to anger and very eager to retaliate. Check their feedback, they consistently are called on for being rude and hostile. Good luck to all those who must deal with them.

Buyer's IP address:98.217.X.X
Reported at:
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This person is also not above misusing the buyer protection function on ebay. opens case, refuses to return, re-lists and sells item then still gets ebay to refund. claims that items are measured incorrectly, then re-lists them with almost exact measurements and uses the photos of the seller he bought them from without permission. Uses feedback extortion to try to get refund without having to return items, abuses sellers and abuses unhappy customers with equality.

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Thank you very much for your input. Best Wishes.

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Update: Please look at the file for holyphonemanx2 on this site. Funwiththekids calls the person "dumbass", "psychotic", "loser" and refers to them as a "5 year old"... then is hypocritical enough to say the OTHER person is immature. Funwiththekids also falsely accused them of feedback extortion. If this was the case, the negative feedback left by holyphonemanx2 would have been removed (feedback is still there 11 months later at the time of this posting).... If anyone has updated info on funwiththekids (who was so clever to us off that the info is out-of-date), please post your info in the comments. Thank you for reading and good luck with ebay :)

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Actually, I've just noticed their IP address places them in MA (they said they moved out of state months ago) so apparently they were lying again.

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Funwiththekids has also ruthlessly slandered kdndmercury, brab421981, momof5girls2012, and copprincess on this site. Take a look at the reports, funwiththekids slings immature insults and even brags that they enjoy angering others.

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Funwiththekids called one of her many hated buyers a "gayboy" because they are from San Francisco. (The buyer is female LOL)

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