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Purchase date:November 2012
Buyer's name:"Craig"
Buyer's username:n/a
Phone number:724-889-6660
Buyer's addressn/a
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:other
Category:Video Games

I found a Wii bundle on CL for $250. emailed the guy asking if he'd take anything lower, he said $200 because a lot of people were interested. He was an hour and a half away from me. so I drove an hour and a half to get everything, because apparently he didn't have any way of transportation. but yet he met me with his car, which he was driving. which he parked on the complete opposite side of the parking lot from me. maybe so i couldnt get his liscense plate??

anyway, he brings the stuff over. i start to go through it and immediately notice Mario Party 9 is not included. I asked him, why is Mario Party 9 not in here? He replied by saying, rudely "I don't know. It's whatever was on the list. You need to learn how to read lists and I am NOT going down in price there are way too many people interested". I said, no thanks. So the deal was over at that point and he got all pissy and stormed off to his car. and then CONVENIENTLY finds the game in his car and flags us down before we leave and is like "oh sorry it must have fallen out of the bag". Except, I clearly noticed the first time he brought the bags over that they were DOUBLE tied very tightly because I know he was hoping I would not open the bags to check if everything was there.

So then I go through everything AGAIN and notice there's no Zelda gold Wii remote. I had already handed him the money though and he couldn't wait to get back to his car.

And THEN I get home and go through everything more thoroughly and notice the top on the Wii system is not there (where the controller ports are).

So in summary this is all I got:

Black Wii system that makes a horrible clicking noise with missing controller port cover, sensor bar, the hookups, system stand
White nintendo brand wii remote, black nintendo brand wii remote, a red nunchuck which I have a feeling is off brand, 2 black classic controlers which I am also assuming are off brand, and a nintendo brand white Mario Kart wheel
Mario Party 8&9 (both of which I am keeping)
Super Mario All-Stars. doesn't even have the original cardboard box. just the plastic cases.
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
Monster Trucks Mayhem
Madagascar 3
A Boy and His Blob. not even complete.
Disney Universe
Mario Sports Mix
also, an SD card with the promised games on it

Here is what I should have gotten:
One black wii with high def hook ups and paperwork 27 downloaded games: 125

1 black remote
1 gold Zelda limited edition remote
1 white remote
2 wireless classic controllers

Downloaded games are:
1. Kirby's adventure
2. Kirby's dream land 3
3. Adventures of link
4. Super castlevania iv
5. Castlevania
6. Castlevania 2: Simons quest
7. Adventure island
8. Adventure island beginnings
9. Super adventure island
10. Super adventure island 2
11. Mega man
12. Mega man 2
13. Mega man 3
14. Mega man 4
15. Mega man 5
16. Mega man 9
17. Mega man 10
18. Mega man X
19. Mega man X2
20. Sonic the hedgehog
21. Sonic the hedgehog 2
22. Super Mario world
23. Double dragon
24. Double dragon 2
25. Contra III
26. Alex Kidd
26. Boogerman
27. Pinball
28. Life force
29. Gradius: life force 2
30. Ice climber
31. Punch-out
32. A boy and his blob
33. Zombies ate my neighbor
34. Splatterhouse
35. Tetris

Games complete in box:

1. Kirby's 20th year dream collection
2. Mario party 8
3. Mario party 9
4. Madagascar 3
5. Mario kart wii
6. Super paper Mario
7. Monster truck mayhem
8. A boy and his blob
9. Disney epic mickey
10. Super Mario allstars
11. Disney universe
12. Mario sports mix
13. Lego pirates of Caribbean
14. Kirby epic yarn
15. Kirby return to dream land

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