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Bad Buyer:


Purchase date:March 2014
Buyer's name:Joanne Currow
Buyer's username:n/a
Phone number:07 4055 7082
Buyer's address39 clinton street yorkeys knob, Cairns, Queensland
Buyer's country:Australia
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Health & Beauty

Filed a "non authorized" chargeback. Our damages are $65,- for the merchandise and $20,- for the chargeback penalty.

Buyer's IP address:
Reported at:
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Joanne Currow signed for delivery on March 3, 2013 and neither sent the mechandise back, nor answers our emails. Classic case of fraud.

Posted over 4 years ago by 46.227.X.X Report as SPAM

I would like to know who sent this and what it is about. I would like to know in detail please as l feel you are mistaken

Posted almost 2 years ago by 101.184.X.X Report as SPAM

You purchased on Feb 14, 2014: CanDia5 Home diagnostic blood Candida antibody test and Lufenuron Candida treatment. This was shipped with tracking number RR512514046CZ. You signed for delivery. Then you filed a "not authorized" chargeback, which is mail fraud (theft). The damage you caused us, including the fine we were slapped with by our payment processor, is roughly AUD 100,-.

Posted almost 2 years ago by 78.102.X.X Report as SPAM

You are on our blacklist here as well, including a picture of yourself:

Posted almost 2 years ago by 78.102.X.X Report as SPAM

If you file a support ticket with us and "PayPal" us the stolen money back, we will remove your blacklistings.

Posted almost 2 years ago by 78.102.X.X Report as SPAM

Don't ever do business with I don't even sell online or do business online. I just stumbled upon their website while browsing the internet.
They have a ToS that doesn't hold up under even the quickest glance. They publicly shame people who find their products to be below average.
If a customer doens't like their business, they will post personal information all over their website and anywhere they can including addresses, phone numbers, and photos.
Instead of selling quality products or having an actual business plan, they threaten customers so as to try(and fail) to have a legit business facade.

Real businesses don't have to throw shade. They just sell good products. What a joke.

Posted 7 months ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM

Their business fails at shipping products. Instead of doing something about it, they put in their ToS that anyone who files a chargeback will be publicly shamed. Why not just be a legit business with quality offerings?
The website is like the rantings of a paranoid lunatic.

Posted 7 months ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM

We've been in business for ten years and served over 100,000 customers. Never have we advertized. We don't need to, due to positive word-of-mouth. We do name & shame people who stole from us (fraudulent chargebacks) and those people try to damage our reputation after that. How we handle "not received" support tickets: We ship TWICE the order and always believe the customer on their word. The problem is that some people order for less than $100, which we often send untracked. They take advantage of this to file a chargeback, without ever asking us for a refund or a re-send. The problem with chargebacks is that we incur a $20 fine on top of a reputational hit with our payment processor. Too many chargebacks and we'll lose the payment processor.

Posted 7 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

Drop Shipping from alibaba is not manufacturing, Frank.

Mr. De Groot here is an online scam artist who has managed to operate for years under the name Sarah of through blackmail and publicly shaming anyone who has an issue with deliveries or his drop shipped products.

Mr. Frank De Groot has a list of around 5 excuses he uses as to why his company is slandered all over the internet. It is always someone else's fault.

Frank here doesn't understand that he will famous.

Posted 7 months ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

Owndoc has never dropshipped anything in their ten year existence, except, many years ago for a short time, tubes of A-Ret, indeed dropshipped from India. Our C60-EVOO product is manufactured in our own company and we have photos of our setup on our site. We also have pghotos on our site, showing our product with Solaris C60 from Canada. All our products are shipped directly from our two dispatch centers in Europe. We also have our own manufacturing for our electronic dermaneedling device.

Posted 7 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

The reason people like you, Ann Benesky or Rachelle Peterson or Diego Seliman try to ruin our business is because you're major thieves and we exposed you guys on our site as well as this site as the criminals you are.

Posted 7 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

As a potential customer doing research, one has to wonder why so much effort has to be put into public shaming sooooo many customers. Why does Frank troll these sites looking for his name and his fake name Sarah?

Here is Frank threatening an unhappy customer and calling him a pedophile. Happy shopping.

Oh Frank. We are not your customers. And we are coming for you.

Posted 7 months ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

This is the second murder threat you made in the span of 24 hours, Ann M Venesky / Rachelle Peterson. I remind you that making murder threats is a prisonable offense in your jurisdiction, and that your IP address is being preserved as evidence.

Posted 7 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM
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