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Bad Buyer:


Purchase date:January 2021
Buyer's name:LISE ROBERT
Buyer's username:n/a
Phone number:(450) 538-0310
Buyer's address11, RUE POINTE FISHER FOSTER QC J0E 1R0
Buyer's country:Canada
Payment method:Credit Card

This is a pro French Canadian scammer who uses "empty box received" scam. Four days after the package was delivered, I got a nasty extortion message to give her items (doesn`t state what items, must be copy/paste to all sellers), or she will leave negative. She also claimed that she sent 2 messages to me before and no response to the date and that she is very, very disappointed. Yeah, that part is even more amusing, as the extortion message (via Etsy, of course) was the first she sent me. No other messages was sent or received from her, and Etsy folder proves that.
I am sure she uses the same scam on other platforms, her behavior is very assertive with threats and extortion.

Reported at:
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Lise Robert creates new accounts for her scams - either been banned before, or not to be so obvious with the repeat scams under the same user name. And there are over 2K people live in Canada`s Quebec with the same name Lise Robert, so she has many chances to be hard to identify. Most likely, she uses many other email addresses, not only liserobert5, but liserobert with a different number, etc. I blocked Canada; our poor neighbors think it is ok to scam the rich neighbors from the US.

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She uses another address for her multiple scams, this is another one used by this particular Lise Robert (with the same phone number): 58 Principale Nord St, Sutton, QC J0E 2K0, Canada. Looks like it is her business address The Sunshine Center (a spa center).

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58 A is the exact number, not 58

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You need to contact Etsy directly all sellers who have been scammed by her. They need to keep blocking IP address that she uses. There's only a few she can use until she has to go out of the state. The next thing you need to do is report this to her local police department, one person reporting is not going to do anything. You need to also send her a collections letter that you can track to confirm she got it. You make it clear that either she pays it back or you'll contact her local police department and using the local address and phone number of the dept works. Just be prepared to seek legal action. And we would get a collections agency after the bitch. If your US based, then we advise you rethink your shipping methods to Canada.

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