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Bad Buyer: Kocihi Nara <>


Purchase date:April 2018
Buyer's name:Kocihi Nara
Buyer's username:Kocihi Nara
Phone number:941-538-6941
Buyer's address4283 Express Lane Suite 2405-555 Sarasota, FL 34249
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Computers & Networking

We knew right off the bat, this illerate jackass was going to try to screw us over by placing a fraud dispute to rip us off. The moron cant even fill out an order form the right way. Will file ficticious disputes claiming non receipt of merchandise the second you tell tel this asshole the product ships. We held the package purposely because of this idiot from Florida, and let the entire dispute process ride its course for nearly 6 weeks. Didn't care, know it was fraud, just another typical idiot from Florida that tries to pull their bullshit with fraud claims.

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We had a poor experience with a customer using this address and phone number to make a purchase as well. They were very threatening. Ended up refunding the transaction so we didn't have to deal with them.

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The asshole will use PayPal to have the item shipped to a forwarding company. The second the product gets delivered to that address, it gets forwarded overseas. It was a stolen credit card in which PayPal is clueless on. This scam artist will use PayPal to file fraud disputes once the product hits overseas. We didnt bother shipping anything out, just refunded the transaction. We would say screen every order that looks suspicious.

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM;asin=B00272NBJQ&isAmazonFulfilled=1&isCBA=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&orderID=&seller=A15GLEPPSFROU1&tab=&vasStoreID=

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I just received an order from this dummy. He mistakenly used the zip code of the ship to address (FL) for his billing address of (CA) 92234 and paypal did not pick it up as a flag #1.

When I emailed that I cancelled the order because some of the items he ordered are on backorder until July, he replied with "expedite what you do have and ship the backorder to the billing address." That was red flag #2.

I could not reach him by phone as both (ship to & billing) numbers were not answered. He emailed a foreign phone # (Greece) that I said I could not use and said he would call me to reorder. ...#3

Thanks for this post....I am done with him.

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Just placed an order with us - filed it as CC fraud.

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this is a Freight Forwarding company handling orders for multiple Internation's.

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This guy tried the same thing on us. Used a freight forwarder, paid through PayPal, ordered more than we had available. When I contacted him about the quantities he ordered, his email was one sentence long... send what you have. Just didn't feel right, so I looked up his email ( and phone number and found this entry. I cancelled his order and have deleted him from our email subscriber list. Thanks to everyone for posting on this person!!! Happy Holidays! :D

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Just placed an order with us on Thursday night 2 day air shipping to FL to what looks like a freight forwarding address. FRAUD! We voided the transaction and blocked the Amex card he used. Also deleted his web account off our web-site.

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Just got an order from this guy as well with the same shipping address won't answer questions why he wants it to be sent to a distribution warehouse. Reading this I feel relieved as my first instinct told me this might be another fraud order. Good thing we haven't fulfilled it yet. The billing address was in Saudi Arabia shipping also express lane in Sarasota. When I google the phone number I found this thread.

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