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Bad Buyer: kris owen


Purchase date:June 2017
Buyer's name:Christopher Owen
Buyer's username:kris owen
Phone number:219-614-5785
Buyer's address3924 BUTTERNUT ST EAST CHICAGO, IN 46312-2402
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:Credit Card

It seems this guy has a history of lying and scamming Amazon sellers.

Cancel any orders you get from Christopher/Chris/Kris Owen, unless you enjoy being assaulted with emails with repetitive demands and threats to go with them. It appears he goes by different spellings of his name too. He's just looking for free stuff at your business' expense and reputation.

This guy placed an order with us on 6/16/17 for a single comic book. It was shipped out to him on 6/17/17. After it was shipped and he got his tracking number, he emailed us through Amazon asking us for his REAL tracking number and then told us to cancel the order. We emailed him back with his tracking number and stated that his order can't be cancelled since it's already out in the mail. He continued to email us demanding a different tracking number. ONE order = ONE tracking number and you've already got it! We told him to wait for the tracking to update as sometimes packages miss scan points... has this guy never received anything in the mail before?

Then he responds with this (the day AFTER his order was shipped):
"I have contacted amazon and a A-Z claim is being filled due to your inability to provide me with a REAL tracking number and your rambling emails that dance around the issue rather than provide me a with a solution to the matter. If this matter is not solved today I will be leaving negative feedback on you account tomorrow, I have been more than patient with you. I gave you several chances have a great day"

... aah, several chances to what? Provide him with his tracking number? Yeah, we did that - TWICE! So, he opened an A-to-Z claim stating that the item "arrived damaged." WHAT?? You haven't even received this in the mail yet!?! Scammer and liar.

In Sum: He orders from us. We ship it. He demands another tracking number the same day we ship his package because he doesn't want to wait for the USPS to update the tracking? Then he wants his order (which is in-transit to him) cancelled. He opens an A-to-Z claim stating the item arrived "damaged" before it's been delivered. Immediately afterwards he threatens us with negative feedback if we don't "resolve his matter today" and at the same time left negative feedback.

BEWARE! And really sorry if you've been taken by this guy like we've been!

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