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Bad Buyer: Tiffany Spencer <>


Purchase date:September 2015
Buyer's name:Tiffany Spencer
Buyer's username:Tiffany Spencer
Phone number:513-942-7100
Buyer's address497 Circle Freeway Dr Suite 230 Cincinnati OH 45246
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Computers & Networking

This theif will file disputes less than 2 days alter after buying an item. Will deliberately falsify information on the sales order with someone elses information. She will deliberately place different information even though it states right next to the field only to place the card holders information. Then without question this theif will file chargebacks not even 48 hours after the sale. Cant read things point blank in her face, will deliberately violate terms & conditions, we're done playing games with idiots like these types of people.

Buyer's IP address:
Reported at:
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This lying bitch files another dispute some 6 weeks later claiming not as describe. Makes up even more bullshit claims stating the so called USB receivers were not included in the package. If this moron could actually read it clearly stated they were not included and were sold separately. Filing a dispute 6 weeks later this cunt got the item was clealry a case of mail order fraud and deliberately trying to deliberately do this. This cunt is going to have mail order fraud charges filed against her.

Posted almost 8 years ago by 47.17.X.X Report as SPAM

This theif files a dispute 7 weeks later claiming the items didnt have the receivers. She's too stupid to read a 4 line advertisement that says 3 times in a row they were never included. Ontop of that she continues her lying BS saying she never had a way to contact company when this lying theif, buys the items on Friday and already is disputing the charges for non receipt of merchandise 3 days later. Cant read anything whatsoever. Will wait 7 weeks after the products and then file another dispute claiming to the receiver werent enclosed will continue on her wack job lyes saying the transaction was fraud if this moron even bothered to read policies it clearly stated when the item shipped & what the payment clearance time, it was just another bullshit excuse to commit fraud. It gets better, this lying bitch continues claiming the items were counterfit (another bullshit lye) just because some of hte mice had torn stickers on the back. Idiot doesnt bother to read again or does read and continues to lie because it clearly stated the items were used. That is expected idiot! Logitech logos on the front back and in the battery cover, they were all real despite what this physopath theif. She goes on and on with her bullshit claims. She then says she doesnt have a way to contact company, when she contacts us the next day after filing the first fraud dispute in early september. Admits she had the receipt infront of from paypal and says oh we cant contact them we have no way. Another lying bullshit statement, idiot! Moron has the receipt openly admits and guess what, the email address is on it. She then continues with her bullshit for a 6th time and says she contacted another company that she knows only sells printer toner, then makes some wacko statement ago that the company she supposidely called (she knows it wasnt us she called) says they had alot of fraud. NO COMPANY would tell a customer that. so keep up your bullshit claims! We had enough with this stupid wacko thats just trying to commit numeorus counts of mail order fraud. She's been reported and legal action being taken directly against her!

Posted almost 8 years ago by 47.17.X.X Report as SPAM
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