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Bad Buyer: Amee Shah


Purchase date:January 2019
Buyer's name:Amee Shah
Buyer's username:Amee Shah
Buyer's address195 VANDIVIERE RD, DAWSONVILLE, GA 30534-7519
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:other

Immediately after order was shipped, so prior to receiving order, they requested a return, stating "Product damaged, but shipping box OK. Please help me with prepaid label as i received item in substandard form." Of course this is entirely impossible as the item had not even left the sender's city yet!

Reported at:
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Amee Shaw is a big time scammer. I've dealt with her on Amazon for years. I keep cancelling her orders because she's either returning the item at my expense saying it wasn't as described (BS), or she didn't receive it. She also filed an A-Z claim against me when my brand new USPS postal worker scanned a batch of packages as "delivered" instead of "picked up".
Her names on Amazon are: Amee S (using 3 different email addresses) and Amee Shah.
Other buyers shipping to the same address: Koushal S, Fantastic Media, Red Tiger Books.

I think she/they work for Ergode books. The address is either a drop ship address to one of their customers, or they ship to this address:
Ref ID#
LYNDHURST, NJ 07071-3518 

Posted 9 months ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM

AmiVentures, Inc
25547 Canyon Crossing Drive
Richmond, TX 77406
(281) 738-1101
Alternate Business Names
• Fast Media
• Extremely Reliable
• Carkart
• Ergode
• Dealtz
• Virventures
• SportsDealbox
• Petocart
• Toytooth
• Shopshiphappy
• Zabiva
• Slickmedicalequipment
• Lightsdaddy
• Selectfurniturestore
• Ergodebooks
• Ergode
• Zabiva
• Ami Ventures
• Ergode2016
• AmiVentures 54

Posted 6 months ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

She also sells on Walmart or tries to most items are doubled in price.

She is a real dirt bag!

Posted 3 months ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

Thanks for the warning! You probably saved me!

Posted 3 months ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

I am a vendor for Abebooks. She, under the pseudo name of "Ami D." ordered from Abebooks (a subsidiary of Amazon), a book from us on July 13 and after the book was shipped and tracking number posted, began requesting and now demanding the tracking number. Three (3) emails have been sent to her ( with the tracking number and screenshot from USPS that it was delivered on July 18, 2019, no response. Researched and contacted Ergodebooks Customer Support in Richmond, TX and all the telemarketer would do is say they don't have a person by that name and then try to datamine for my information. Ergodebooks website shows they have the same book for sale (hmm) at 3x the price bought from me through Abebooks. If no response from her/him by July 27 will be notifying Abebooks, BBB, FTC, etc. with formal complaints and whatever is needed.

Posted 3 months ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

I think you have just saved me as well, thank you for all of the warnings!

Posted 3 months ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

currently dealing with on Abebooks. Contacted them because the stock image is not the book we have in store and this is an expensive book. Moments later, ignoring my contact, they send an e-mail asking for tracking and requesting no invoice (something that always struck me as odd given as a bookseller the invoice is so important to me) Replied again asking if they want the different edition, based on your comments my guess is this sale will expire before I hear back. ugh!

Posted 3 months ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM

Just got an order from Fantastic Media in Lyndhurst NJ at the same address. sometimes we will do a quick look up of drop shippers and 4th party sellers before shipping high value items. Rarely have we had issues with 4th party sellers over the past 8 years. Found this thread for this address before shipping.
Got the following message from Fantastick Media
"Dear Seller, I have just placed an order with you. Please do not include any invoice with pricing. ....etc.

We took images of what was being shipped with packing slip (no price) and added signature confirmation. Since we are both in NJ, it's in their best interest not to try to screw us -- we don't take fraud lightly. Once fraud/purchase with the intent to deceive takes place, the owner (from Brooklyn) takes over and contacts or confronts fraudulent buyers and/or filed police reports. Unfortunately Amazon does nothing to help sellers. Glad there is a bad buyer list --will be back if there are any issues.

Posted 2 months ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM

Fantastic Media bought from us then immediately asked for refund. Claimed he could not print the shipping label when we provided instructions, then said his return was for a different reason. Cancel any and every order you get from Fantastic Media.

Posted about 2 months ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

She also uses the spellings 'Amy' and 'Amie'. Definitely a scammer.

Posted 27 days ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

Such buyers are really annoying. They are just killing online sellers because when you always have to deal with such customers as a seller, you just want to give up. And when people do what you described it's even worse than people buy cheap replicas, like and then want a refund because they didn't get an authentic thing. That's just ridiculous.

Posted 21 days ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

scam buyer ….. item not received ...…..wrong item sent ……. item damaged …….. out of country can not return ….. just cancel this companies orders …… challenge really is amazon has not stopped this buyer

Posted 19 days ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

THANK YOU!! I just packed this expensive book and had a feeling to check the address, and saw this post.. I've been scammed by this 'damaged' claim with 'packaging ok' before enough times, when I meticulously package to prevent such damages, especially on costly books. --- Just cancelled this order!

Posted 7 days ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

Oct 17 6:53 AM
This order was shipped to the address Amy gave us:
1250 Valley Brook Ave Ste 102
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071-3518
But the order was delivered to and received by somebody in the next town EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ 07073 on August 21st.
The parcel was moving back and forth between the two towns. It is a very strange story, and we reported it to Amazon.
We refunded her order in full, but we will kindly asked her not place orders with us anymore.

Posted 5 days ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM
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