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Bad Buyer: chaisa80 <>


Purchase date:February 2022
Buyer's name:Chaisa Wilson
Buyer's username:chaisa80
Phone number:+1 262-455-1842
Buyer's address16317 Jones Rd Athens AL 35613 United States
eBay item #:324921477117
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:other

Buyer requests cancellation after item is shipped

Buyer is a fraud.

Reported at:
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PayPal Terminator Says :
That is a common scam that idiot buyers do. They purposely do it so that they get the item for free. They will report it to Ebay saying you cancelled the transaction (make sure you state there are no cancellations whatsoever) and by the time the item ships there's no way to get the package back. On the other hand, once the person gets the package, they will file a dispute saying the same bs statements. Thats why your policies have to be clearly stated on the actual listing and no where else.

Posted 12 months ago by 68.193.X.X Report as SPAM

By posting buyer information without their consent, You're in breach of ebay policy. You can get banned from this or sued by the buyer. This has happen before, Don't cry when you lose your account trying to be smart.

Posted 4 months ago by 72.220.X.X Report as SPAM

Check their history, i don't see any wrong doing. Most user are not computer friendly. They didn't know how check tracking after posting or could be number of issue they don't know how to do. Just like facebook user they don't check message or used auto reply. But you sir! place their information on here consent and not double checking for number their record. I hope you get reported and your account taken away. I will notify the buyer and let them know that your data is breach

Posted 4 months ago by 72.220.X.X Report as SPAM

The truth is you fucking got caught and no longer can pull your bullshit asshole. Now everyone knows about your scams and this post can serve as evidence of your bullshit. You try to sue anyone, and they will come back and place mail order fraud charges against you, postal fraud, collections, legal fees and any other costs they want to add to the law suit that they feel necessary to recover the losses you caused! DUmbass!

Posted 5 days ago by 68.193.X.X Report as SPAM

This moron who says they can sue people is clearly a fucking dumb hick that knows shit about the law. Asshole, you were the one that put the information on someone else site. No one put a gun to your head when buying the item. You knew clearly what the information could be used for. As long as they have beyond any doubt, especially you signing a terms and conditions on a website or I agree I accept. Its your responsibility to read it shit head!

Posted 5 days ago by 68.193.X.X Report as SPAM

If the seller says no cancellations there are no cancellations. If there's a privacy statement that says they keep it private, thats one thing, but you had to of violated terms. So idiots like you are too fucking lazy to read anything and think you know it all. You think you can interject any terms you want just to get your way with it. Many sites have disclosure says I agree I accept, or I have read everything, and if you dont check mark it stating you legally agreed to it, then thats your own fucking fault asshole.

Posted 5 days ago by 68.193.X.X Report as SPAM

You sit there and play stupid when the merchant tells you what the policies are, you have this disillusion that regardless of what a merchant says, that whatever you say is the new policies, just as long as it favors you. Fucking moron assholes like you should have no business being on the internet!.

Posted 5 days ago by 68.193.X.X Report as SPAM
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