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Bad Buyer: daclay63


Purchase date:May 2020
Buyer's name:David Claywell
Buyer's username:daclay63
Buyer's address6860 Lee Highway, Chattanooga, TN 37414
eBay item #:133394163458
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Computers & Networking

Buyer purchased the Antminer Bitcoin miner at a steep discount to retail value ($100 for approximately a $250 item). Buyer stated early on he did not actually need to optional power supply we shipped separately for free. Item(s) were shipped in their original packaging from china, which included foam rubber caps.

Shortly after receiving the item, he claimed the power supply was damaged and demanded a full refund. He sent several abusive mails to us, saying "Don't get ebay involved" and that he was getting his money back.

We issued him a full pre-paid mailing label for the return of the Antminer and power supply. He returned just the power supply that was "damaged". The power supply is an industrial one, with a solid steel casing (I think he and us assumed it was aluminum). He had beaten it repeatedly with a hammer or on concrete and managed to barely dent the corner, it was still functional when it arrived.

He had kept the Antminer though, the main part. He then wrote more threatening emails saying he'd return that part for $300 COD, calling us "scammers", and told ebay he had returned the entire item. Note that he did all this through Ebay's communications. It was clear that he had kept the item and broke every communication rule in the book.

Ebay still awarded him the item and the money, after literally hours of filling out forms for having a bad buyer, pages of threats from him in their system, and outright stating himself he did not return the item...just like he said would happen. He's done this before apparently.

We sold a second unit to another buyer (for about 3x the bid price) that went smoothly.

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First off you should just stick to your policies and let no know tell you how to run your business. You should of just gotten ebay involved and saved all the emails. At that point you should document pictures and save the conversation. Send the asshole collections letters and if he doesnt pay for it, send the asshole straight to collections because you have proof of debt owed. File with your local police department and send it over to his local police department and make sure you send certified letters to that asshole telling him exactly what your doing.

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Ebay was involved since the beginning. We spent several hours total on the phone with them. They had access to his communication and actually were laughing at it and at least pretending to take our side, but ultimately nothing was done. He still has an active account.

Ebay does not care about honest customers or sellers getting screwed, they make the exact same money no matter how anything is resolved.

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By using this site you're in breach of eBay policy, If the user reported you, They can have your account banned immediately. If you think you're smart by using the site. Don't cry when you can get sued or have your account banned. It happen before.

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