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Bad Buyer: Steven <>


Purchase date:September 2019
Buyer's name:Steven Lupo
Buyer's username:Steven
Buyer's address720 Old Mill Road Apt B-2
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:Credit Card

He orders a comic book from us.

The book releases on 9/4/2019.

We shipped his order on 9/6/2019 (we always ship within 2 days of a books release) and it was picked up by the USPS. Tracking number 9300120111403867213987. (NOTE: The USPS only displays tracking information for 90 days after the postage was scanned.)

He messages us the next day through Amazon AFTER getting his shipping confirmation and says (his exact quote) "I would like to cancel this order. I’m not interested in it anymore, and the item hasn’t shipped". I responded to him 20 minutes later and said (my exact quote) "Hello Steven, Thank you for your order. This order has already shipped yesterday and has been picked up by the USPS today. It usually takes up to 24 hours for our tracking information to upload and update online. At this time your order can not be cancelled. Thank you" However, the tracking number WAS already in his order! I was giving him the benefit of the doubt in case he didn't see his tracking yet.

He did not respond to our email.

The item was delivered on 9/16/2019. 35 days earlier than Amazon expected his order to be delivered.

He did not send back or return the item.

On 11/25/2019, approx. 5 weeks after receiving the book, he leaves us a slandering 1-star review on Amazon stating (his exact quote) "seller stated that the item was a month out prior to purchase. I decided to cancel the item. Seller stated it was already shipped, but the tracking order was inputted by them, and had no legit info. The item showed up later than the seller sending it out right away. Very shady pratice, would not deal with them again."

What? More What? and WTF?

Never once was a time frame of any kind mentioned in the short message he sent to us "after" we shipped his order. There was zero communication prior to his order of any kind. Yes, he did ask to cancel, but again, only after this package was picked up by the USPS so we were unable to cancel. I have no idea how he could possibly deduce that we "inputted the tracking number or it had no legit info". The postage was purchased within Amazon's Buy Shipping service and is uploaded automatically via Amazon. We don't need to input them at all. Why he thinks it's not legit is also beyond us, especially since you can see ALL of the scans the USPS made delivering this to him including the DELIVERED scan. Also not sure how he decided that we didn't send it out right away. It was shipped within 2 days of the books street date (release). We don't even get the books until the date of release!

Honestly, we really hope we don't have to deal with him again. He is clearly a shady buyer and unfortunately, Amazon doesn't stop this type of lying, slandering buyer behavior. So other sellers, beware this buyer could also do this to you.

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