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Bad Buyer: Paper Cavalier <>


Purchase date:November 2019
Buyer's name:Paper Cavalier LTD
Buyer's username:Paper Cavalier
Phone number:+44 208 064 0889
Buyer's addressBiscuit Factory Unit K104 100 Clements Road London SE16 4DG
Buyer's country:United Kingdom
Payment method:Credit Card

They stated book never arrived. didn't answer my emails. filed a claim. a day later the same book is on their book storefront for an extortionate price. google these guys. they do it to a lot of people.

Reported at:
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Noticed them on Amazon noticed extortionate price for a book that is worth maybe £20 new, they're charging £223 + postage, would not touch them with a barge pole, ripe off merchants.

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Ordered a book through Amazon for £56 + postage.
Received email from Paper Cavalier that book not available. Checking Amazon the same book is on sale By Paper Cavalier for £240.
They should not be allowed to sell through Amazon, As When contacted Amazon they say it is through Market place.

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Purchased a Bible from these and the sent completely the wrong bible and it had someone’s name printed on the cover.
Also on their description it said bonded leather but this bible isn’t leather at all

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Completely hopeless. I ordered a book from them via Amazon. It never arrived. The order details disappeared off of Amazon. I tried to reorder it but I was told I had tried to order more than were available. I had ordered 1 and they said there were 2 available. I tried to phone them but there was no answer. After a while the phone went dead. Looks like they are a bunch of cowboys.

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Ordered a book paper cavalier were selling as a present through amazon. The condition was listed as 'very good' I received the book and it had a note inside the book addressed to 'Jonathan' from the man who wrote the book, there were parts of the book underlined with various different coloured pens, there was also visual wear and tear on the book. I wouldn't consider the condition of this book 'very good' as it was described by paper cavalier. I couldn't give my nana a book addressed to a man. Has anyone had any luck getting in contact with paper cavalier?

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I've just had the same sort of experience. Bought a fairly rare book for ~£30, paid extra for quick delivery. No tracking was provided and the book just never arrived, waited a week past the expected time and emailed them. They did respond saying it could take 3-4 weeks for a replacement to be found (which they might not find) or I could ask for a refund. I emailed saying I'd wait, but saw this thread and I've now asked for a refund. I've just ordered said rare book from elsewhere for ~£110. Avoid!

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Very true, had a cheating experience with them. Definitely a company to watch out for as you can see from numerous negative feedbacks. In this age where there are fake positives, you have to look at the negatives.

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I saw them advertising an out-of-print I wanted for over 200 Eur on Suspicious I found the same bookf for 25 EUr or less on and several genuine book-seller sites. Scam artists. Have nothing to do with them.

Posted about 1 year ago by 2001:1c01:3313:1d00:99ba:2a07:ae35:6759..X.X Report as SPAM

They produce fake listings of books on Amazon. I am a third party bookseller on Amazon and listed a copy of hard-to-find academic book that had been out of print for several years. Within minutes of my listing going live on the site, a second listing for the same book in the same condition appeared on the Amazon product page, but at over twice the price. If you buy from them, they turn around and buy the copy from the cheaper seller, ship you that copy, and pocket the price difference. It's a complete scam. Avoid buying from or selling to them.

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