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Bad Buyer: angelitescandlecompany <>


Purchase date:August 2015
Buyer's name:John Stefanello
Buyer's username:angelitescandlecompany
Phone number:6023005109
Buyer's address4225 W Allen St Laveen, AZ 85339-7887
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Computers & Networking

This buyer purchased a laptop computer on May 24th on eBay and the item was delivered on May 29th. On July 24th ( almost two months after delivery) the buyer called me and told me that he was having trouble with the computer and even though the computer was covered under manufacturer warranty the manufacturer was unable to fix the issue. The manufacturer was willing to issue a refund for the original purchase price of the computer ( this was below the price that the buyer paid on eBay ). The buyer asked if I would be willing to sell him another computer for only the difference in price of the original ebay purchase and the ebay price for the new computer. Even though this would have resulted in a loss I agreed to this in order maintain customer goodwill. A few days later the customer told me that he was no longer willing to wait for the manufacturer's refund process and wanted me to issue a full refund to him immediately. The original computer had already been returned to the manufacturer. When I declined and pointed out the original agreement to him he threatened me with a PayPal chargeback. Thankfully I have a signature proof of delivery for this transaction so I think I'm protected. But god forbid if anyone else has to deal with such an unreasonable person.

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Nonsense. What really happened is that the seller tried tried to rip me off. The laptop had a problem that the manufacturer could not resolve, so they asked me to return it for a refund. I was only (legitimately) given a refund for what was paid to the manufacturer by the seller ~$500. So essentially I would get a refund of ~$500 from the manufacturer instead of the ~$800 I paid to the seller. Does that sound fair to you? The seller is angry because I didn't allow him to keep the profit he made on this laptop. There was no sale, thereby no profit for him. He actually thought "I" would absorb his $300 profit on a laptop I never received. I forced him to give me a full refund. He is dishonest. I would never purchase from his company again and I recommend everyone else to stay away. This is not an honest businessman.

Posted almost 8 years ago by 72.208.X.X Report as SPAM

Yes..complete nonsense. You wanted a full refund ($800) without returning the original computer, which was past the return policy date anyways.

Posted almost 8 years ago by 67.80.X.X Report as SPAM

HA. Buyer your a complete moron and asshole! The seller was not the one that had the problem with the computer, it was the manufacturer. If the seller says their warranty policy is X then you follow it! You had this computer for 2 months plus and the seller is the one that should be out the money, bullshit! The computer is yours legally. The seller did what he could do, but was under no obligation to do anything. What makes you a complete idiot, is thinking that 2 months later a USED computer is worth the same money. And as stated the problem didnt come from the seller, it was the manufacturer. If the manufacturer couldnt fix the problem then your issue is with the manufacturer. Buyer is a complete fucken moron trying to take is losses out on the seller.

Posted almost 6 years ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

And what makes you a complete bullshit artist, is one that you claim that you were getting a refund for something you didnt receive. Asshole you wouldnt be receiving anything if you didnt get it and you wouldnt of known about the computer problem or know what was going on with the manufacturer about the so called unresolved problem. Save your bullshit.

Posted almost 6 years ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

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