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Bad Buyer: matdesigns1


Purchase date:August 2019
Buyer's name:Chantal Monte
Buyer's username:matdesigns1
Phone number:(505) 239-9001
Buyer's address105 La Placinta Cir Santa, Fe, New Mexico
eBay item #:303190157462
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Buyer purchased a pair of Dolce Vita Grant Flat brand new shoes. She wanted best offer. I agreed. They were delivered on the 19th after being shipped to her priority mail. Shortly after she recieved them she sent me an email stating that she wore them to work the next day all day long and claim that the shoe stretch so much she now cannot wear them and wants to return. I had explained to this buyer since she wore these shoes that i cannot accept the return. They are considered now used shoes and i cannot possibly resale and all items returned must be in the same condition as she recieved them in which was new not worn, scuffed up from the floor. I had also requested pictures which she refused to do even after admitting in email through contact that she had sent me pictures but i never recieved any pictures from her. Then she sent another email asking why i wanted pictures. So she just lied about ever sending them to begin with. I also told her if she would have contacted me before she decided to wear them she could return them to me. I even offered her $10 towards her purchase just to satisfy her because I knew that she was fishing for some kind of discount. So 8 days later she opens a case. I have blocked from future purchases. I also reported get to Ebay and have been in contact with ebay ever since. They also know that i will be appealing once i recieve item back. I stopped all contact with this buyer. She refused to send pictures. It is clearly a remorse. She decided that she really didnt like the shoes after wearing them but claimed they torn up on her instead because she doesn't want to pay return shipping and she wants a refund on something she wore and that is not ebays policy. I went back and flagged all her messages admitting to no pictures and to her wearing them. So now this is a disgruntled buyer who has not only lied once but 2 times. I have a 30 day return but it does not nor does ebay allow returns on used and worn items. My guess is she chgd her mind and didn't like them after she decided she would wear them for the day or her feet were bigger than the shoe and it was not her correct shoe size. Please be careful of this buyer. Her feedback is very little. Has a habit of making best offers then returns after she wears or tries and makes up that something is wrong with it just so she doesn't have to pay and can get a refund. Except she will not be getting one from me. I have records of conversations and pictures to back up.

Reported at:
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Its plain and simple the bitch wanted to see how much of a refund if close to free she could get on the items. She made any excuse possible which she cant prove that was true. She would of had no problem sending pictures if there was a real problem with them. The problem is PayPal. They screw sellers over every single chance they get. Once that happens it sends a message to all buyers that they can scam sellers and there's nothing sellers can do about it. PayPal gets sued, sellers are dumb enough to settle, and then PayPal throws a parade saying they didn't do anything wrong. The settlement they pay out is a fraction of what they stole from sellers.

Posted over 4 years ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

Oh I know trust me. Ebay refunded her out of thier own pocket not mine and I win the case however, ebay also attached a report stating and which was told to me that she will no longer be able to summit any claim on shoes again. I have a problem with ebay refunding her even if it was out of thier own pocket simply because it does nothing. All it is doing is sending a message that it is "ok". It is not okay. She thinks it's ok because she recieved a refund either way.
I literally had to throw those shoes in the garbage. I can say for the most part there are great buyers out there but those few problem buyers that think they can rip sellers off will soon find they will not be able too. Eventually i believe ebay will step up. Yes, i agree if she really did have a problem she would have sent the pictures as requested but she refused. Thank you for your comment.

Posted over 4 years ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

No its total bullshit, she can open a new account with the same name and she can pull it all over again. Ebay just gave them them money in a fear a chargeback. To her she got away with exactly what she was trying to do get free items. Whether the refund was from you or Ebay she got what she wanted. She'll do it over and over and over again and get away with it every time.

If you do alot of business you should try $29.95 and they pay for your google fees. You know how much Ebay charges for one item, so its like 2 products on ebay and your PrestoStore fees are paid. Lessen your dependency on Ebay and the fraud that goes along with them. And your Ebay stuff will import and go back and forth. Look into them they are good people 10 years with them and counting

Posted about 3 years ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

I will look into that thank you. Never heard of them. I agree she will. It has bern awhile but still remember who this buyer was.

Posted about 3 years ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM
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