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Bad Buyer: jyrow <>


Purchase date:December 2017
Buyer's name:Jason Dotson
Buyer's username:jyrow
Buyer's address1100 Linda St A 206 Fort Morgan, CO 80701-3588
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Buyer returned item for inaccurate dimensions, despite this being accurately and prominently listed. The item was a woolen hat with tons of stretch, so their claim is dubious at best. They were given a direct refund as courtesy for the return shipping, which they were not entitled to nor possible via their return (was done direct from Paypal to be nice!). Still left negative feedback.

Reported at:
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The hat I ordered said “One Size Fits All”. When I received the hat for a Christmas gift, it would not even fit my 10yo cousin? I followed the rules, returned it within the time frame of eBay but I’m the bad Buyer? Sounds like a bitter and upset seller. If the hat would have fit my 5 ft 2in cousin then I would have kept it. Don’t miss represent the products you sell. On Ebay and my 8 ish years with them, this was my 2nd comment back from a seller. And both of them were mad I returned something that they had 14 of 30 day return policies on? So regardless of what problem there was, both sellers had problems with there products. If you look at my eBay account, I’m 100% positive for a reason!

Posted almost 6 years ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

The hat you purchased is available in one size with the exact measurements listed, 20-22" circumference resting. As I messaged you, a wool hat will mold to the wearer's head after about two session wearing it.

You stated I ruined an X-mas gift. Funny timing to order on Dec 23 for that, but it was sent within 24 hrs and arrived on the 26th. You bought a well made item for $10 shipped, had it delivered in 2 days over Xmas, and caused a problem.

Instead on contacting me with your issue so I can fix it, you directly opened a case. Because of that, I had no option to accommodate you for the return shipping. So I SENT YOU A DIRECT REFUND for that from paypal with my apologies when you were not entitled to that.

I contacted you several times with no reply. Your claim of 100% feedback is moot, a buyer can only receive positive. I've sold over 300 of these hats with no issue other than remorse returns. And 20 ish years as a seller.

So yes, you are a bad buyer.

Posted almost 6 years ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM

The seller went out their way to accomidate this wack job of a buyer. Buyer your a stupid asshole! There's always a bullshit lie and/or excuse buyers always use to justify their moronic behavior and being a low down thief. The asshole got a refund, but the bitch didnt stop there. The fact that the seller gave you a refund and still where a cunt! How stupid are you asshole, "one size fits all" that means the hat fits a 2 month old baby all the way to a 450 lbs person like this buyer? How fucken stupid do you have to be. The seller didnt have to refund you anything. But you had to go that extra mile and leave negative feedback. The bitch was leaving negative feedback just to be a fucken cunt. Regardless of what you would of done, the bitch would of still left it. Next time dont do anyone any favors, if they file a claim, wait for PayPal or Ebay to tell you what to do.

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Just had an incident with this buyer. I was very meticulous and contacted eBay every step of the way. The return was closed in my favor. No refund was given

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