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Bad Buyer: Duane Lee Hooton <>


Purchase date:February 2018
Buyer's name:Duane Lee Hooton
Buyer's username:Duane Lee Hooton
Phone number:801-254-1885
Buyer's address3376 WEST CREEKSTONE CIRCLE, SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH 84095-9174
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Health & Beauty

Lee Hooton runs his own email server at and it did not relay to him our confirmation emails. When we assured him his order was shipped and that the fault must lie at his email provider, he ursed the living daylights out of us. When we re-sent him our payment and shipping confirmation emails and told him the tracking nr. would follow as soon as we had it, he threatened with a chargeback unless we would refund him, making Duane Lee Hooton, born in 1960, owner of and employee of Robotech, married to Nancy Kae Hooton, guilty of crimianl blackmail with intent to benefit financially an amount of more than 200 dollars.

Buyer's IP address:
Reported at:
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Sarah Vaughter is nuts!!! It turns out it was her server with the reverse DNS setup incorrectly and this is why so many customers are "criminals" in her eyes.

She I guess is the criminal or just criminally insane!!!

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM

Nonsense. We only publicly blacklist "customers" who file a fraudulent chargeback or who commit other crimes such as libel with intent to do financial harm, or blackmail with intent to benefit financially. We never publicly blacklist customers who did not receive our emails, of course. The absolute most we'd ever do is reject sales to them until they've fixed their spam filter problem. Mr. Hooton here had a misconfigured junk filter system on his own server and took it personally.

Posted over 1 year ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

You are freaking nut! There are countless people having the same problems. Your real name is: FRANCISCUS (Frank) DE GROOT
And to top it off your a MAN!!!

Here is the exact quote from my Email

"OK, without the confirmation Email you are not willing to send to me I have no idea if you really shipped anything or not and without knowing if you shipped I will have no choice but open a ticket with PayPal. This can be completely resolved by you sending me an Email with shipping information. If by chance you cannot give me an Email with that information then just give me the tracking number manually via this Email since it's clear I'm getting them all.

How did I request a refund? How did I become a criminal? How did I defame? How did I Copyright infringement?

BTW, he/she has NO MX record for and she/he is too stupid to take my advice to fix it

Ending note: People, just Google Sarah Vaughter or for complaints, you will be amazed!

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM

We sent you several confirmation emails and when you said you did not receive them (becasue of a misconfigured spam filter), I personally sent you them from my personal gmail account. You then still kept threatening a chargeback and you kept being extremely offensive. You took it very seriously that we implied your spam filter was to blame and became abusive and kept threatening a chargeback. People who demand a refund for shipped merchandise and threaten a bad review in order to obtain hundreds of dollars, are publicly blacklisted by us as per our T&C.

Posted over 1 year ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

We had over 100,000 customers in the ten years we have been in business. Since we've blacklisted about 100 people for fraud, blackmail or defamation or threat of such, of course some of these people "complained" about how 'horrible' we are.

Posted over 1 year ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

I proved that your DNS server is not setup properly, but you're too stupid to understand and just keep spewing rancid garbage out of you soul. You do not have an MX record for, takes less than a minute to look it up. People look this up yourself and don't take the crazy he/she words for it. Search MX records for host.(their dumb name)

This is the 3rd different site I've shown you so you can check that your settings are wrong, NOT MINE!

AND you NEVER sent me anything but garbage for your Email address - I BEGGED for a tracking number and you refused!

AND I NEVER 'Kept" threatening a charge-back - Only ONCE I said if you can't give a tracking number I will contact Pay Pal. You're a freak'n weirdo. Just read all the crap said about on the Internet, that says it all.

I'm done with these sick games, the public can read for themselves when they lookup your name and Website.

You should be so embarrassed and ashamed of yourself.

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.69.X.X Report as SPAM

You lie. I told you we shipped tracked and that it would take a few days to receive the tracking number from our post office and that I would give it to you ASAP. You demanded it immediately or a refund. "Contact PayPal" - even "send message to seller" means an immediate block on our funds. You cursed me out, threatened a chargeback, called me a liar, and so on.

Posted over 1 year ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

And it is not our server set up badly, it'sthe demands of your server to our server that are wrong.

Posted over 1 year ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

Both of you people are morons! First off, its you the buyer that is responsible for providing accurate information to the seller! If the buyer is contacting you and making chargeback threats, that means they know they have a fully functional email address. Either or not you can reply back to that email address is another thing, if you cant then its the buyers stupidity. If you paid via PayPal then there's an email address clearly shown to bother parties.

Posted about 1 year ago by 108.162.X.X Report as SPAM

The fact the buyer made a threat, which is call extortion and is illegal, she files a dispute, and if that dispute contradicts the terms of the agreement the seller established, then the idiot buyer can get sued for mail order fraud especially using chargeback threats, because it had nothing to do with the services it was extorton plain and simple.

Posted about 1 year ago by 108.162.X.X Report as SPAM

The buyer was told clearly the item was shipped, that gives the seller 4-6 to ensure the package arrived, that is standard federal law for mail order. The buyer knew the item was shipped but still threatened a fraudulent chargeback if he wasnt refunded. That there is the classic #1 scam buyers use to screw over sellers. They try to pull their BS trying to scare the seller into giving a refund. The buyer knew how PayPal operates and may have tried this numerous times before with a percentage of sellers giving refunds and the buyer having both the product and merchandise for free. What the buyer is doing is called mail order fraud. Plain and simple.

Buyers are known to lie through their teeth when they knowingly commit fraud, they will always try to discredit the seller, bring up other topics and be irrate about it just to draw attention away from their fraud actions.

The buyer falsified the dispute for non receipt, tried to get the product for free and a refund period.

Posted about 1 year ago by 108.162.X.X Report as SPAM

I agree, poster above. Duane Lee Hooton tried to bully us into free merchandise. BTW we're in Europe, and he was informed of that before he paid. So that means a longer transit time and different waiting times for our post office to give us tracking numbers. We don't receive them the same day. He was told all of that before he paid.

Posted about 1 year ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM
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