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Purchase date:March 2019
Buyer's name:Joni Coursey-Boelscher
Buyer's username:n/a
Buyer's address1420 CEDAR LAKEDR, PROSPER TX 7507
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:Credit Card
Category:Health & Beauty

Joni Boelscher said she would do her best to try to cause our company damage by harming our reputation online, after she threatened a chargeback for disbelieving us when we said we had refunded her for a shipment she claimed never arrived, and us warning her that a chargeback would result in public blacklisting as per our T&C. Deliberate defamation with intent to cause financial damage to our company results in public blacklisting as per our T&C Mrs. Boelscher agreed to.

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Now THE AUTHOR OF THE ABOVE knows this is not forthright and honest. I ordered from this vendor in November 2018. In Mid-March of 2019 I was requesting some kind of assurance that the item did not get lost and was still on its way. Customer service initiated refund after telling me that the product was stolen in transit. I even tried to refuse the refund asking them to just re-ship the item. They refused. So I merely asked them what form of payment I used so I could check for the refund. This company told me they couldn't provide because they didn't keep that record. That is when I mentioned chargeback because that seems very suspect to me, WHAT COMPANY DOES NOT KEEP RECORDS OF FORMS OF PAYMENT? The fact that I mentioned this made this woman go off and threaten all of the above. I have every right to tell people about the TERRIBLE way this woman treated me. She is a bully and liar. Too bad, because I did actually enjoy using their product.

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AND how NICE is it that you can submit a bad report about a buyer and remain anonymous....unbelievable.

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Joni Coursey-Boelscher is the liar here. She apparently did not understand that some merchants do not process cards themselves but let a 3rd party do this. We accept cards as well as PayPal via a 3rd party, and that 3rd party does not disclose to us the exact payment method used - they merely inform us there is a payment made, and they deposit that payment into our account with them.

When we explained Joni Coursey-Boelscher this, she disbelieved us and started to accuse us of being criminals and threatened a chargeback. She was previously explicitly and very clearly informed that as soon as she would threaten a chargeback in order to obtain money from us faster or doubly so (we'd already issued a refund!), we'd publicly blacklist her for extortion. A chargeback is always theft, and threatening with theft in order to obtain money is a crime: Extortion.

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