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Bad Buyer: illbuyyourti <>


Purchase date:September 2011
Buyer's name:M Shelton
Buyer's username:illbuyyourti
Buyer's address13 Chruch St, Cold Spring, NY 10516
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal

To whom it may concern,

I provided a thorough explanation as to why I disagreed to a refund exchange with a buyer and he left me with an unreasonable buyer protection case, despite my logical rationale for not refunding him. The buyer is using short messages with limited communication and is providing me with little time to settle a dispute before filing a buyer protection case against myself.

Originally, the buyer was not communicative with me in my attempt to collect a payment from him despite my eBay messages, but I waited it out and allowed a long delay in the buyer’s ability to make a payment to an item I could have resold. I have demonstrated my ability to work towards bending to the greater good of a dispute, however, I feel that the buyer is now being unreasonable and is not willing to make a compromise, as he has filed a complaint, holding funds, without allow me with reasonable time to reply to his message; less than 30 minutes. The buyer’s claims of receiving an item that is “not as described” appear to have no merit as the symptoms of the problem seems to change in every eBay message. At first the buyer claims that the calculator has scrambled characters, a black screen, or no power at all. Later the issue is that the calculator has a black screen, then no power at all. Regardless of the claim, the buyer admitted that he has tampered with and manipulated the calculator in an attempt to repair it.

I believe that, by manipulation the software, operating system, and tampering with the calculator as if it were his own, the buyer has accepted the calculator as his own and should accept full responsibility of owning the calculator despite his claimed damages. If the buyer intended to return the item, a reasonable reaction would be to inform me it was not working without tampering with the calculator. With the knowledge that the buyer admittedly tried to reprogram the operating system and manipulate the software of the calculator, it is feasible to believe that the buyer may have added to, or created the very damage he is explaining. Additionally, it is hard to ascertain that the item was received damaged when such manipulation to the calculator took place on the buyer’s end before the claims of damage have been made. The buyer manipulated the product instead of communicating with me beforehand to allow me a chance to make things right. All of the manipulation that the buyer had spoken of had taken place before he communicated to me about the condition in which he claimed to have received the calculator in the first place, which adds to reasonable suspicion that the buyer’s claims are not genuine. Rather than trying to fix the calculator, one would think that the buyer would inform me of the condition in which he received it so that we could try to work out the issue beforehand, rather than taking matters into his own hands and, thus, assuming ownership of the item he purchased.

I have reasonable suspicion to believe that illbuyyourti is knowingly committing a fraudulent act and abusing eBay, according to eBay’s User Agreement, by making claims that are not backed by a good faith dispute in an attempt to receive reimbursement through Buyer Protection manipulation. Please take a look at this user’s buying history of calculators and his history of Buyer Protection disputes, negative feedback towards others, and messages between other sellers. It also appears that this user is using negative feedback as a form of extortion/manipulation in an attempt to persuade probable good sellers to agree with this exchange as I have noticed a trend it negative feedback amongst others.

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He's struck again and I'm his new victim.

Posted over 6 years ago by 74.119.X.X Report as SPAM

stuck it to me a few months ago ebay wont do nothing

Posted almost 6 years ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM
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