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Purchase date:July 2012
Buyer's name:Eva Strickland
Buyer's username:---
Buyer's address401 Carolyn Circle, Dauphin Island, Alabama 36528
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:Credit Card

Eva Strickland purchased a sewing machine presser foot from us. There are two versions of this item, one with a guide, one without a guide. She purchased the one without the guide. Many days later, she wrote saying she never received it. Being the accommodating person I am, I sent her another one at my own cost, in essence losing all profit from the sale already, just to make a customer happy. When it finally arrived, she then wrote and said she received the wrong item, she ordered the one with the guide. I explained to her that she had ordered the foot without the guide and that is what I sent, but she could return the foot without the guide and I would exchange them. Several days later, she wrote again explaining this again, and I did the same. Maybe the email got lost. Didn't hear from her for weeks until she files a chargeback with her credit card. If you are not a retailer, let me explain an unwarranted chargeback is a huge slap in the face, not only do you get charged $20 for the occurrence, but you are given almost no information, your credit card processor gives you a dollar amount and you are required to do all of the leg work, find out all of the possible customers who charged that amount and when. After about an hour's worth of work, you have a possible suspect. When I put the pieces together that this chargeback was filed by Eva Strickland, I was ready to choke her. Turns out, that not only does Eva not pay attention to what item she is actually ordering, she does not pay attention to how she enters her email address. She had entered her email address incorrectly and any responses I sent her never got through because they were undeliverable due to her negligence! So because of her two mistakes, she filed a false chargeback with her credit card against me!

So, just a couple of days later, the incorrectly ordered item comes back with a note saying I sent her the wrong item. With steam coming out of my ears, I sent her the one she meant to order but didn't because she wasn't paying attention. She is in receipt of it according to the USPS tracking number, but she has failed to contact her credit card to indicate that The Colorful World of Sewing has gone to outrageous lengths to fix her problem, nor has she responded to the letter I sent by mail or the three emails I sent to her now corrected email address. I would have thought there may be a "Thank you" or an "I'm sorry I was so careless and blamed it on you", but nothing. The original order was for a $19.95 item. I spent another $9.97 plus shipping to send her a replacement for the "lost" order, more shipping to send her the foot she should have ordered but didn't because she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing, and about three hours worth of research and writing time at let's say a very generously reasonable $10 per hour, lawyers get much more for much less work, and let's not forget the $20 fine for the pleasure of an idiot filing a false chargeback case, and I am now out around $65.00. Originally I chalked this up to someone making a mistake, we all do that, I make many I know. The difference is, when I find out I made a mistake, I apologize and do what I can to correct it. Eva Strickland has not and from her past behavior has no intentions to do so. She will cost you nothing but frustration and money. You will make more money if you slam the door in her face and lock it when she approaches your store, be it brick and mortar or the Internet. You can find honest customers elsewhere.

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