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Purchase date:March 2019
Buyer's name:Joshua Schwartz
Buyer's address388 Queen Street, Flin Flon, MB Canada R8A 1P9
Buyer's country:Canada
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Computers & Networking

Very dishonest thief that will find any ridiculous reason to keep your item for free then threaten negative feedback when you offer refund for no cost return. Online shoplifter that is a bully and hides behind his keyboard. This is not someone you want to sell to or deal with for that matter. One percent of buyers are bad and this one fits in that one percent very well.

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you shipped me a faulty part then tried to blame me. Was complete knock off garbage. Was not even usaulbe because the screw holes didnt even line up even close!

Posted over 1 year ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

Product Josh received was faulty, seller doesnt solve problems, lies in feedback and goes to extreme. Dude must be crazy to be posting this here against Josh. Was completely sellers fault, spottedunicorn his is ebayname. Check out how he treats negative feedback.

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

The item literally costed not even $5, Josh wanted to item he paid for. Not a refund. You do all this over $5 and still dont ship the right product? Here is more buyers feedback againt spottedunicorn. Avoid seller - this seller is abusive. seller sent item that was not pictured, likely mistakenly another similar item by mistake. Seller was contacted with picture evidence but it appears did not look at it. Seller replied that it could only be the buyers fault. Buyer still wanted the correct part, but seller then chose to not reply, and cut off communication and banned buyers rather than politely solving the problem. Then seller lied and claimed buyer asked to cancel order.

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

how spottedunicorn replies to buyers (please note, spottedunicorns claims are most likely just lies, they were for me in my feedback I got from him):
Reply by spottedunicorn. Left within past month.
Mr Romacia Is one of the worst buyers experienced in probably our last thousand that makes a huge deal of a $4 part. We offered a free way to return without any hesitation. Instead he decided to keep messaging, trolling, and harassing us. We completely refunded without the buyer without hesitation and had no choice but to block him as we will not tolerate such dealings with a small minded trolling person such as this. Sellers, trust us, block, block block. The only lies are from the buyer.

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

more feedback against spottedunicorn and how he replies. You can see, he solves no problems, just blames the buyers. He replies this way on EVERY negative feedback he receives, you can only imagine the messages he sends! Spottedunicorn is an ebay seller, not Josh. Josh was a buyer who was scammed by this seller on ebay. I dont think he purposely scammed me, but he certainly didnt try to fix the situation, he blamed Josh instead lol.

buyers feedback : "after one months item has not been received."

Reply by spottedunicorn.
A dishonest buyer on his first eBay purchase here under this user name. Sellers block, block, block.

Buyers feedback - "the article took a long time to arrive"

Reply by spottedunicorn. Left within past month.
Your are this weekend's late night troll. You are punishing us for Canada Post who we are not. When you need another part for a laptop you will find that it cannot come from us and we will most likely be the only one in Canada that has it.

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

Check out spottedunicorns ebay profile, and go to negative feedback he has received and read how he responds, then he posts them on sites like this, like he did to Josh. This seller is a nut case. Josh did nothing wrong, nor did he threaten this guy in anyway. Never threatened for a refund, or negative feedback, or any such thing.

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

Joshua Schwartz ordered an incorrect part and went livid on our staff for no appropriate reason at all over a $5 part he won't admit he ordered wrong when we even offered a free way to return for refund. We clearly have the following within the listing to warn of the possibility of ordering the wrong part ""IMPORTANT NOTE" that there are multiple different DC Cables for this model series and to check yours physically before ordering." We also provide many detailed photos to help in selecting the proper item as well. We have sold many of the successfully without any prior problems. We have done our due diligence and are not at fault for an incorrect part being ordered.

Just look at how many responses Joshua Schwartz of Flin Flon, Manitoba has left here claiming not to be himself but from his exact IP address. The man is a trolling bully and a crazed maniac in the least.

Posted over 1 year ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM
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