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Purchase date:December 2015
Buyer's name:Katie Nicol
Buyer's username:n/a
Buyer's address27 Hull Street, Richmond, Victoria 3226
Buyer's country:Australia
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Health & Beauty

Katie E. Nicol of Victoria, Australia used a false name "Marisa Lavars" and mistakenly ordered the wrong plug with a machine. When we showed her that it was her own mistake, but offered her an international travel adapter free of charge, she said that we were liars and she demanded a full refund. When we refused this, she said she would do everything in her power to destroy our company by libeling us online and filing bogus complaints with authorities, unless we gave her 257 AUD. She called our customer care person a "spastic". She then proceeded to commit credit card fraud by filing a chargeback. when she was asked by PayPal to ship our property back, she sent us an empty box, which we have proof of (Customs sent us an email). Katie E. Nicol is guilty of blackmail, mail fraud, credit card fraud and aggravated libel.

Buyer's IP address:
Reported at:
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More information about how Katie Nicol stole from us, lied about it to PayPal and libeled us online: and here:

Posted 8 months ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

Sarah vaughter is a scam. She does not exist. Instead run by a man named frank de goot. He has written a review about me 6 times now and deleted them all as he doesn't not like people defending themselves. If he posts one more of these I am going straight to bad seller and exposing him just like everyone else has (these cannot be deleted).

If you type in his name or Sarah coughed scam into google you will see many bad reviews about him abusing, threatening and constantly harassing people. Someone has even created a blog dedicated to earning people about him. See

Posted 8 months ago by 124.149.X.X Report as SPAM

You are aware of the fact that after having been issued a formal warning by an Australian Solicitor, informing you of the legal consequences of libel, that you may be sued by our company (that Frank de Groot is a shareholder of) for damages. You have just incriminated yourself, you announced here that you will commit aggravated criminal libel (libel with intent to do financial harm, after having been advised by a solicitor in your jurisdiction that this is an offense).

We decided that due to your continued threats, harrassement and libel, that as soon as we have time, we will expose your case on as we have warned you about before. We will use special techniques to make it impossible for search engines to not index certain pages, by having dynamically altering URLs as well as automated submission to archive sites. You will have to spend the rest of your life summoning search engines to drop pages, and you will be always a month late.

The only way to avoid this now is if you let a solicitor draw up a signed, notarized affidavit, stating you will cease and desist your criminal activities. No more fraud and no more libel.

Posted 8 months ago by 82.113.X.X Report as SPAM

As to your allegations that we are scammers: Read the truth here:

We have more than 50,000 (fifty thousand) customers. Only two dozen have scammed us in such severe ways that we blacklisted them. Only you, Katie Nicol, sent us back an empty box and proceeded to call us child molesters, Holocaust deniers and gangsters. No sane employer will ever employ you and no sane man will ever marry you.

Posted 8 months ago by 82.113.X.X Report as SPAM

The real reason there are some bad reviews about Vaughter Wellness / / Sarah Vaughter

My name is Sarah Vaughter. I run this company. To me, the customer is ALWAYS right. I make sure that all our customers are always satisfied, at least to the full extent that my company has legal or ethical liability. The latter means always believing a customer on their word, even when it means we have to send a replacement without having evidence of a non-delivery or a faulty product. We usually send two replacements. So why are there bad reviews for my company? The bad reviews are not made by customers of ours, that's the short and simple truth. Example: A customer who files a chargeback for several hundred dollars for a "unauthorized transaction" and turns out to be a scammer is not a customer - it's a thief and we publicly blacklist thieves with every scrap of information we can obtain about them, as per our T&C they agreed to, and they retaliate by producing fake "bad reviews", accusing owndoc and Vaughter Wellness / Sarah Vaughter of intimidation, blackmail, harassment, not shipping what they ordered etc.

All bad reviews I know of for Owndoc, Vaughter Wellness and Sarah Vaughter are made in extremely bad faith, meaning they are are either wholly fictional or deliberately misrepresent things with falsehoods. These attack pieces are intended to inflict maximum damage and can be easily recognized as such, by going so much over the top in the allegations that it becomes clear that the reviewer has ulterior motives. The allegations never are never substantiated with evidence and are always anonymous. They are made as revenge for one of the following:

Our exposure of a "customer" who did a fraudulent chargeback,
Our exposure of an unethical competitor,
Our exposure of quackery.

Fraudulent "customers"

The majority of the fake bad reviews we get is from fraudulent customers, people who sign for an expensive delivery and then shamelessly file a chargeback and get away with it. We suffer a 0.1% fraudulent chargeback rate, which is on the low side. Normally, merchants simply absorb the damage and move on, without doing anything to defend themselves or expose the fraudulent customer. We however are unique in that we publicly blacklist thieves, including pictures of the offender in case they caused enormous damage to us by libeling us online. We do this because I hate the feeling of being ripped off by a sociopath. And I hate to have to fire people because a thief takes revenge for a blacklisting by lying about us online. We have become a victim of a fraud around 75 times now, often for hundreds of dollars, making a total of say $15,000. That's on roughly 75000 customers. We've been in business for over seven years at the time of writing. That makes us victim of theft nearly every month. I hate fraud because we try to keep our prices as low as possible. We don't advertise, we save on expensive packaging, we design our own site, all to keep prices low. Yet we lose many thousands of dollars a year on fraud. I don't want to run a store when shoplifters can rob us with impunity. Moreover, having too many chargebacks means a vendor can lose their payment processor. So we expose fraudsters online. As a preventative measure, as retaliation and as a warning to fellow merchants. You can imagine how some of these scammers retaliate: They counter-attack by smearing our hard-earned reputation. They will file a "Ripoff Report" or set up a free WordPress blog or make an anonymous forum posting and claim all kinds of outrageous things, things no self respecting company in their right mind would ever do. The truth is that our customer is always king in our company. We believe people on their word when they say an untracked package never arrived. We usually replace faulty merchandise with two replacements (except for Derminator machines). We respond speedily and politely (well, I'm sometimes guilty of the typical aspie bluntness but as compensation you got a very speedy answer from the CEO) to customer inquiries. But when a customer steals from us all the money they paid us and keep the merchandise, they cease to be a customer and become a criminal. We fight back against thieves - and hard. We know full well that the result will be a plethora of "bad reviews" and those do far more financial damage than the theft itself, but on the other hand, we do not want to sell to people who believe the word of criminal over our word anyway. We're running this business to support ourselves in a relaxed manner by doing something useful and interesting. We're not interested in getting as rich as possible at the expense of our conscience or self respect. That is why we expose fraudulent "customers", and that is why they defame us in return.

Unethical competitors

Many vendors in the health and beauty space are unethical. They sell a wide variety of expensive creams and potions. Generally it's bad value for money. We only sell things that have solid scientific proof to back up their efficacy, such as vitamins. We have no qualms exposing particularly unethical competitors, such as those who make false claims and support them with fake before-and-after pictures. Or people who are on the run for the FBI, live in a country with no extradition treaty with the US and sell toxic Chinese pesticide as a "cure for Cancer". We know for a fact that some of these competitors have filed bogus allegations against us all over the place. They file BBB complaints and drag our name through the dust. The crucial difference is that when we drag someone's name through the dust, they deserve it. It's part of what we do, this refreshing dose of truth is how we got our core readership and it's part of why we are still in business, in spite of the fact that we've never advertised.

Our exposure of quackery

We have exposed several major medical scams in the past. Our articles on MMS, ThreeLac and the GAPS diet are good examples. People have been diverted from proper treatment or lost considerable amounts of money due to such scams. A lot of those scams operate like a religion with their own high priests (occupying the top of the affiliate sales pyramid) and devotees. There is so much money and ego involved that absolutely ruthless hit pieces were published as a consequence of us exposing those quackery scams (always with many hard arguments!). Some of those hit pieces are absolutely brutal and aim to utterly destroy our company with lies.

Why blacklist fraudsters when the consequence is fake bad reviews?

We do not bend to threats of committing further crimes against us by thieves. That's not in our character. We're journalists who expose fraudsters as part of what we do for a living. Money comes after honesty and moral integrity. Thieves should be punished or fraud becomes more and more common. A thief who blackmails us with the threat of libelous reviews will have to deal with the fact that they'll be plastered all over the Internet as the criminals they are. With photo and address. The thieves often have more to lose, relatively speaking, than we do. Only the dumbest psychopaths are so stupid as to libel us online after we publicly blacklisted them for fraud. Those people will see the details of their dirty deeds online for everyone to read - forever. People search online nowadays before they enter any type of relationship. It can be a prospective employer, (business)partner, landlord or bank. We enjoy viral popularity. Our tens of thousands of happy customers know we're bona-fide, in spite of the smear tactics of sociopaths. But we always find out exactly who they are and they'll have to deal with permanent public exposure. We never remove a blacklisting, unless we receive an apology and compensation for our damages. Any type of libel would have to be removed as well. That means that for ex. when a thief filed a libelous RipOff Report on us (which is unremovable), our exposure of them will also be eternal, because we'll file a rebuttal on the same RipOff Report. Including photos of the offender and their address. If the fraudster made some kind of libelous blog posting on us to which we can't respond, we'll create our own, heavily SEO'ed web page on the fraudster, with many more details than a mere regular blacklisting. We can do the same thing to them as they do to us. The criminal can only "win" when they change their name and get plastic surgery.

Posted 8 months ago by 82.113.X.X Report as SPAM

People reading this will never buy from you. You only continue to damage and harm your own reputation. For you to take me to court for 'libel' you would have to prove that I have damaged your reputation however all the screenshots I have collected about what you have written will prove that your the only one damaging your business.

1. When did I call you a child molester? You posted that someone who purchased off you is a peadofile but I'm not sure what that has to do with me. Unlike you I take the likes of that sort of thing seriously and don't make false accusations. Very frowned upon in the business world to call your customers such things. You should be disgusted.

2. In regards to your website about me you have just admitted to creating it. If it's made you will get a letter from my lawyer and unlike you it won't be used as a scare tactic. Furthermore websites will then be created by you frank de goot/Sarah vaughter.

3. I am married but thank you for your concern hence why you using the name katie nicol will not effect my reputation at all as you don't even go by that name anymore. I'm going to take a very educated guess and say your not married however, in between mental institutions perhaps.

GET A LIFE you low life creep and stop stalking me.

Posted 8 months ago by 124.149.X.X Report as SPAM

Also all you've done is copy and pasted a link to an article that you have written about yourself being a scammer no one is going to read that and believe it haha. Your an absolute joke.

Posted 8 months ago by 124.149.X.X Report as SPAM

If I see any website about me- you in return will see countless reviews on websites such as ripoff report these are permanent reviews so I would tread very carefully frank, very carefully. Once they are written they are forever.

Posted 8 months ago by 124.149.X.X Report as SPAM

OMG! Is his guy/girl serious? Does this website quack think they sound REMOTELY intelligent or professional with lowly comments like, "good luck finding a man" LOL that made me laugh, its like something a b*&chy teen would say LOL. I've been reading about these owndoc scam reports and the replies from this "sarah vaughter" or groot or whoever are hilarious. What a psycho to think they can post your info online and not be jailed!! Seriously a lot more people need to post about this quack and their garbage products!!!GOOD FOR YOU KATIE!!!!!! This owndoc/sarah vaughter is such a scam omg. I'm sorry you got trapped into that poorly designed website and psycho "blacklisting" rules. What a bunch of losers. The sane people are with YOU KATIE, not some crap site!!!

Posted 4 months ago by 108.162.X.X Report as SPAM

I remind you again, Katie, that our Australia attorney followed customary legal procedure in warning you that further libel will result in criminal liability and hence a default conviction for penalties, damages and legal cost. It is a trivial matter to establish the identity of the person who libels us anonymously, by supoena'ing the owner of the site and then following the IP addresses in a discovery chain, all the way to the person posting it.

We'd hate to waste our time on this case, but if you leave us no other options after all this time then we'll sue you. You have demonstrated so much criminal energy and long-term malicious, criminal libel, that the likelihood that an Australian court will put an end to this is in the opinion of our legal counsel nearly guaranteed.

So, again, we're asking you to stop doing this.

Posted 4 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

Haha and now he's blaming me for what a random person wrote. Go ahead and get the IP address of the above comment. If you choose to waste your money in doing so that is your provocative. Anything I have ever written about own doc or you, Frank de goot, I have used my own name as I have nothing to hide. However I agree with the writer above, the things you write do not sound professional or sane and any court of law would see that. Now please leave me alone!

Posted 3 months ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

Soon more details about her on

Posted 3 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

PLEASE READ: If you have been scammed by the author of this review: Sarah Vaughter/Own Doc aka Frank De Groot of Gromako Data.

This company is a fraudulent company making false reviews about his customers on sites such as this one and is run by a man, named Frank Van Groot of Gromako Data. The photo used for the company has been illegally obtained and is not Sarah Vaughter, Sarah Vaughter does not exist at all.

Posted 3 months ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

I am currently helping the victims who's reputations have been damaged by the Sarah Vaughter/Frank De Groot scam. After extensive investigating it appears this 'company' online harasses customers by leaking private information such as photos and addresses and making defamatory comments and has been getting away with it for some time. If you are mentioned in the above review please contact: Taylor Hampton solicitors at

3 people have come forward and we are currently building a case. As Mr Dr Groot continues to harass people on a daily basis our case continues to get stronger.

Posted 3 months ago by 172.68.X.X Report as SPAM

By publicly posting defamatory claims of which you know they are false, you make yourself criminally liable under UK law and Australian law. Our company does not harass people, our company never leaks private information without explicit permission and only after severe fraud, defamation or other violations of our T&C and our company does not scam people. Every time you post such libelous content, you're adding to our case against you, and there will come a time where we will have Katie Nicol prosecuted. Katie Nicol used the name "Marisa Lavars" when she stole hundreds of dollars from us, Marisa Lavars likely does not exist at all. We may prosecute Katie Nicol in the UK and have the judgment enforced in Australia. This, we have been advised, may be the most effective way to deal with this case.

We will contact Taylor Hampton.

Posted 3 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

Thank you so much for your message. I will definitely contact you if this continues but for now I'm giving him the chance to cease.

Posted 3 months ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

Katie Nicol from Australia, the IP address 172.68.x.x is from Perth and the IP address 162.158.x.x is from Melbourne and we have only one criminal from Australia blacklisted. This means that you're talking to yourself here, pretending you're a group of "poor victims". Go ahead and sue us. We'll sue you right back for fraud, libel and harassement. You've already been issued, by an Australian libel attorney, with a legally required cease & desist warning and at any point in time can we decide to sue and we'll win by default, since the evidence is clear.

Posted 3 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

Ah yes I flew all the way to Perth to write a comment. Haha. You can't blame me everytime you rubs a customer up the wrong way. You have many enemies it's very clear online simply by googling own doc.

I am since married so I have a different name. I have since moved house so I have a different address so your posts are a waste of time.

I do not wish to communicate with a criminal any further so communication can be done so through my lawyer- you already have his details.

Posted 3 months ago by 108.162.X.X Report as SPAM

Oh you don't have in Australia any friends, aquaintances or family members that could have posted that for you?

Thank you for repeatedly confirming that you have no case against us. You declared several times that our blacklisting can't possibly hurt you, since you've changed your name and address and you've also previously declared that the photos we published of you do not depict you either. In any case, you have explicitly agreed to public blacklisting in case you would commit a prisonable offense against us, and you've comitted at least two and most likely three.

Anyone who commits a crime against us, is publicly blacklisted and the only way to get it removed is via a court order. In that case, we will immediately counter-sue for libel, fraud, perjury, harassment and blackmail, and we will publish the details of those police complaints and/or lawsuits against you.

Posted 3 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

Calling me a criminal is a prisonable offense under Australian Law and unless you can prove this grave allegation in court (including a court outside of your jurisdiction but in the jurisdiction the libel was read), you are liable for criminal and civil penalties and damages, Katie Nicol.

Posted 2 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM

Sarah Vaughter is a fake shill, real name FRANCISCUS (Frank) DE GROOT, a criminally mentally ill psychopath that slanders, threatens, extorts, blackmails, all while preemptively attacking unsuspecting people that randomly cross his path.

Karma will catch up to this psychopathic, criminally ill predator, it's only a matter of time. The only weapon of his psychosis are threats and illegal disclosure of private information.

His self destructing obsessive compulsive tendencies will be the end of him, and his self inflicted psychosis has been steadily increasing.

Just a single example from countless many; badbuyerlist dot org/buyer/b06c5d02ad97c9a39bb0

Posted about 2 months ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM

Katie Nicol from Melbourne stole hundreds of dollars from us by filing a bogus payment dispute and then mailing us a brick back. When we publicly blacklisted her for fraud, she said she would do everything she could to destroy our company.. To read more about her antics:

The "criminally mentally ill psychopath" is our webmaster and inventor of the electronic dermaneedling product she stole from us. Frank appears in our information videos where he explains aspects of the device.

Posted about 2 months ago by 141.101.X.X Report as SPAM
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