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Bad Buyer: wr-15 <>


Purchase date:March 2012
Buyer's name:Waqar Raja
Buyer's username:wr-15
Phone number:9058691786
Buyer's address97 oneida blvd Ancaster, ON l9g4s6 Canada
Buyer's country:Canada
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Cell Phones & PDAs

Buys a product. Immediately opens a case on saying item not received. USA to Canada is 14 days average. He chooses econo shipping and opens a case so he can imply that you better lay the red carpet for him.

We asked, why a quick case why the package is in flight? No answer.

Then 2 weeks later. Wrong product, send me another.

We asked, please close the case, and we will gladly send you another. Nope on his side.

We call ebay and paypal, they support us.....
We warn him, that his is extorting, threaten, and so on.

Then he says I'm so sorry, i only wanted to hurt your reputation, but didn't realized I can hurt myself. Lets work together.

Us, ebay are trying o find out how does not received in 4 days case relate to wrong product?

Then he says to us and ebay its the right product and not described.

Then he changes the case to "item not described" LOL. and tells us and ebay, I accidentally choose the wrong topic "not received" in the beginning. It should have been not described.

How the heck does he know "items is not described" 4 days after purchasing while item is being shipped.

Major loser, ebay and paypal is laughing how cynical this creature is, twisting every story around. He believes in
buy one,
he lures you in,
then puts a net over you with a case in seconds
then want another one for free, or refund.
this loser does not stop
even though he knows he lost, he still keeps fighting.

I seriously hope his job finds out about hows crazy he is. He is in the iT field .

his job is

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what a dick

Posted over 11 years ago by 173.54.X.X Report as SPAM

I am sure a person like him is now going to change his id. Sellers should be on the look out for his name and address.

Posted over 11 years ago by 67.250.X.X Report as SPAM

hello, i am the wr-15 on ebay, and no ebay and paypal did not support you. I didn't send back the item, to support you that you never ever send wrong products, even though the product doesn't fit. You stated i am not good with my hands, even though i have installed countless protective films on laptop, car hood protectors, car tints, and cellphones. I am not trying to start a fight, but i am letting you know and your 'supporters' that i did not send the item back because i wanted to support you hoping you don't have a bad image of me.

Paypal or ebay doesn't change its rules for one specific person, and you always have to send a product back to get another replacement product OR refund from the seller based solely on the seller decision if he wants to send a replacement or a refund.

Ebay didn't support you, ebay removed my ability to give negative feedback, way before i purchased your item due to stupid reasoning that i am starting cases too early and i should wait for the item to arrive, or give it some time before i start a case randomly. They didn't block me from giving you bad feedback, it was already blocked.

I didn't think i was wrong doing this, as i thought that sellers reputation is damaged ONLY if i escalate the case. When i learned that it is damaged even if you don't escalate the case after 15 days or the deadline, i immediately stopped this method that i was using.

I am was using this method as i forget things very easily.
For the ones that have a heart, due to a irresponsible driver i had a fatal car accident in which i wasn't even driving, and as a result of that accident i suffered a brain injury. Incase you think i am lying, you can talk to a doctor and ask him or her what a glaucoma scale 3 brain injury is. But if you think i am not lying which i am hoping, It is a grave condition brain injury out of a scale of 0 to 15, and 3 is basically dead and you can't get any worse. By the grace of luck or god whatever you believe in, i got out of icu/life support, but am still and will always suffer from memory issues due to the severity of my skulls impact.

Due to my forgetfulness, i start cases right away, so I get email alerts and can decide later if i need to escalate the the case or not.

I am sorry if i have caused you harm, i swear that was not my intention, and i never intented to hurt your reputation or mine. Please think twice, i wasn't aware that your reputation could be hurt, but now that i have learned this after talking to paypal i have stopped starting cases right away, i didn't know i would be seen as a annoying buyer.

Now that i have learned pay pals rules, i have stopped my method of filing cases right away to fight scammers on ebay, as i been scammed many times before.

And i told you about the chc stuff because i have a heart for poor people and to change the community. Advocacy for poor men, children and women changes the community as poverty brings crime, drugs, etc.

Heres a video to further prove my situation. Once again, i was at fault for starting cases right away and expecting too much, but I have stopped after learning pay pals rules that you still damage a sellers reputation even if you don't escalate a case.

Also about fighting and whatever, i did not do such thing, so please disregard those feelings, and if you feel i was fighting i apologize as you seem to not take my opinion for anything, and i learned that very quick. I understand that i have stressed you out, and for that i apologize. If a person does something bad without intention, he or she should be forgiven.

I am the person that is on the stretcher passed out with blood on my head.
Not expecting any sympathy for my injuries, but please disregard any hard feelings, i am trying my best to improve, and i am definitely not happy in this situation either or the consistent pains from this lifelong injury.

Happy selling!

Posted over 11 years ago by 24.141.X.X Report as SPAM

the guy fucking photo!

Posted over 11 years ago by 14.136.X.X Report as SPAM

he changed hs name

Posted almost 11 years ago by 24.141.X.X Report as SPAM

I'm sure he has multiple names. What a dick, you can clearly see he buys alot on ebay and screws everyone over. He said,

i have installed countless protective films on laptop, car hood protectors, car tints, and cellphones

pretty sure he got countless products for free for being an ass.

Posted almost 11 years ago by 98.109.X.X Report as SPAM

he should steal cars for a living and get rid of the corolla, wonder if he's the same person caught for putting a micro cam in the men's room. That his make believe job title, IT.

Posted almost 11 years ago by 204.93.X.X Report as SPAM

check out how nutty this prick is, he writes his bull shit bio excuse from ip ----- 7 months ago - from 24.141.X.X

he changed hs name
33 minutes ago - from 24.141.X.X

he's letting people know he's shopping for free on ebay.

Posted almost 11 years ago by 173.245.X.X Report as SPAM

I had to deal with this guy very recently. Ebay sided with him and he never returned the item. I ended up being out the zippo lighter that was brand new (but he claimed to be broken) the sale price and my kindness for shipping to canada

Posted about 10 years ago by 173.245.X.X Report as SPAM

he moved to united states to florida

Posted almost 10 years ago by 173.245.X.X Report as SPAM

must really watch out for these stupid IT guys

Posted almost 10 years ago by 108.162.X.X Report as SPAM

If you’re a trusting person, you may send the item in good faith, assuming the email is authentic. As it’s a scam, you will never see your money or your items again.

Posted over 1 year ago by 49.144.X.X Report as SPAM
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