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Keto Plan Classic Formula
The main symptoms of asthma include coughing, whistling noises when breathing or tough mucus.Often already the description of the symptoms is sufficient to get the diagnosis of asthma. The doctor will ask, for example, which symptoms occur at what time and whether they are stronger at night than during the day. Even things or situations that trigger or worsen the symptoms are queried.In addition, it is relevant whether there is already an allergic disease or whether physical exertion affects the symptoms. Family diseases are just as important to the diagnosis as the question of smoking - either on its own or in the immediate vicinity.If there is a suspicion that an asthmatic disease is present, further examinations are carried out. With the help of spirometry , which determines lung function via exhalation rate and body plethysmography, which describes lung function via the pressure in the alveoli, lung function is analyzed.An X-ray of the lungs is performed to rule out other conditions that also cause shortness of breath and coughing - such as infection or heart failure.Allergic asthma also requires an allergy test . For the investigation of immunoglobulins blood is taken, a so-called prick test is used to identify specific allergens.The peak flow measurement The most important indicator for assessing the severity of asthma and the treatment required is the peak expiratory flow (PEF) value . It indicates the maximum speed of the airflow when exhaling and can be determined with a peak flow meter.In addition, the peak flow meter can be used as an early warning system , with the safe and early fluctuations in the stability of the respiratory tract can be seen, and then adjust the medication accordingly.To take a deep breath and blow as fast and strong as possible into the device. You can imagine blowing out a candle or using a blowpipe. Important is a short breath.

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