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Bad Buyer: dirtyjoed


Purchase date:June 2024
Buyer's name:Glenn (Joe) Simmons
Buyer's username:dirtyjoed
Phone number:2055618203
Buyer's address881 University Way Centreville, AL 35042-4670
eBay item #:405010236622
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:Credit Card

There was a mix up in shipping, which I as the seller was at fault for, however, this user took advantage of this and said he needed the package urgently because it was for a child with cancer. Then he went as far as to share pictures of someone donating hair for cancer, and sharing a very convincing story. This user is clearly a malignant narcissist who has no regard for others, even after I shared that I am a disabled combat veteran, which is actually true- the only reason why I disclosed this was because I do pickups from USPS. He continues to "one-up" me by saying he is a coal miner, making it sound like he is saving the world by "keeping the lights on", bragging that he's been a coal miner for over 24 years. His purchase history is nothing but collectibles, it's clear as day in his feedback. I knew he was lying from the start, despite my military background and college education in psychology and law enforcement. People, notice, there is a difference when someone is conveying the truth and when they are convincing you of the truth. I didn't go on for paragraphs of how or why I am disabled or create some story. It's because it is fact and that's that. People state facts and they are straight and to the point unless asked to elaborate, otherwise it is most likely a lie. It was clear the anxiety he showed in his messages and his tells, were so textbook, it was comical. He kept thanking me for being diligent in handling everything, that he has had problems in the past where his package has gotten delayed and sellers are unresponsive. It was clear he just wanted his package "now". I blocked him. Still sending out his order, still with bonus cards for the delay, in case he complains because it's basically written in stone having exchanged correspondence on eBay- that was a mistake on my part. I never should have said any specifics. The kicker? He ended the conversation thanking me after I said I'm sending the package out in the morning, saying it's going to a good home, to remain sealed, blah blah blah, to be part of his PC.. I was like "Excuse me, PC?" To which he replied "Personal collection.. card lingo" laughing emoji, face palm emoji.. right, because I'm a real idiot huh? I must not know, having a collectibles shop and all, and of course, he thinks I'm buying his bullcrap. I said "Right. I recall you saying this was for a child with cancer which was why I was confused." No response. Don't deal with this guy, I'm certain he's a scammer, and if this shipping mix up hadn't have happened, he probably would have been one of those "item not as described" or "didn't arrive" types..

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