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Bad Buyer: vintagescfinds


Purchase date:May 2012
Buyer's name:Ben Innerst
Buyer's username:vintagescfinds
Buyer's addressGreenville SC
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal

Buyer is a thief,sent wrong product back for refund,worked ebays buyer protection to the max useing his wifes ebay id...his is grandpasrazors check his feedback left....beware of this lier and thief

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I recommend writing a badbuyer report on grandpasrazors as well, just to be thorough. True, grandpasrazors leaves tons of nasty feedback. Thanks for the info. Best Wishes

Posted about 11 years ago by 71.198.X.X Report as SPAM

Ben I. here: First off the ebay seller TomCatBlues (Robert Smeigh) doesn't mention in the complaint above that he sold me a very collectible razor that was damaged beyond repair. This purchase was in Mar 2012, not May as mentioned above. Yes, in years past I have sold vintage shaving razors myself, and have a large personal collection. Because of this, I am very knowledgeable of vintage razors. Bob Smeigh (TomCatBlues) sold me 9 razors that were described as in good condition for $176. The main razor in the lot that I wanted was a Gillette Fatboy which was considerably more valuable than the other 8 razors. As soon as my purchase arrived, I sent Bob a message stating that the most valuable razor of the bunch was damaged and had a bent head (this makes the razor good for parts only). In 2012 this razor by itself was worth around $100-$110, now its worth even more (2015). I asked Bob if he would refund me for the parts only razor and let me keep the rest of the cheaper razors. He wrote me back stating that he examined the pictures on the listing and didn't see the damage I was describing. Bob obviously does not know much about these collectibles, because you cannot see a bent head on a picture, you would need to open up the butterfly doors and then you would see it is crooked and not usable. I tried to get Bob to give me a partial refund of $60 (very reasonable because the damaged razor was the most valuable) and let me keep the rest. He wasn't happy with this and I ended up returning all 9 razors to him for a full refund. That was the last I heard from Bob Smeigh with TomCatBlues. He never sent me or ebay a message regarding what I mailed back to him. I simply returned the 9 razors I purchased from him. Regarding my ebay account, I have received 1 negative feedback (in 2008) as a seller since 2002 from someone who isnt even an ebay member today. I don't remember the reason for the negative feedback. Regarding the 2nd post here from 71.198xx, you were not involved in the transaction and have no knowledge so why comment? I guess this is the internet age we live in today...anyone can say anything and its your word against theirs.

Posted over 8 years ago by 216.156.X.X Report as SPAM

Lol..this guy .. ben innerst ...well I guess thieves never fail to surprise me ...first he attempts to scam me out of $60.00 , when that didn't work he uses ebays policies against me and the switches razors , keeping the nice razor I mailed him , sending me a piece of junk back for a refund ,,geeesh ..all you need do is check his feedback thoroughly to see what type of person he is...once a lier & thief...well check it out yourself...he can't hide it........

Posted over 8 years ago by 71.80.X.X Report as SPAM

Bob, seriously this is a little ridiculous. You are still bitching from a sale 3 years ago? You sent me a damaged item, most likely not knowing it was damaged. Regarding my ebay purchase history...since starting to collect razors in 2010 and purchasing literally around 1,000 razors, I have left 2 negative feedback ratings on ebay for a seller. I previously sold razors on ebay and etsy as a hobby. I had over 480 sales in probably a 1 1/2 year period with absolutely no negative ratings while shipping razors all over the world. 3 years later I still stand by the fact that you most likely sold me a razor that was damaged and inoperable without knowing it. I sent you back the identical razors you sold me as you could have easily checked the date codes on the razors. You never contacted me after I returned the razors to complain, and instead take to a message board to complain about me publicly. If you want to try and characterize me as a thief and liar, how come you are the only person making complaints about me after making hundreds of purchases and sales on ebay and etsy? What would make you happy 3 years later?

Posted over 8 years ago by 216.156.X.X Report as SPAM
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