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Bad Buyer: brab421981 <>


Purchase date:October 2012
Buyer's name:Barbara Schwartz
Buyer's username:brab421981
Phone number:(716) 433-0423
Buyer's address6155 Crosby Road Lockport NY 14094
Buyer's country:United States
Payment method:PayPal
Category:Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Buyer bought an item from me and after she received it she contacted me to tell me that it didn't fit. Per my terms, I agreed that she could return the item for a refund of her purchase price. Since her return was not my fault, I did not feel that I should refund shipping costs. I refunded her purchase price within 30 mintues of getting the item back. She questioned why she didn't get a full refund and I explained (again....since I had already told her I would not refund the shipping costs) that since this was not due to my error, I could only refund the purchase price. She got beligerant and filed a complaint with ebay for item not as described.....even though I already refunded her money...minus shipping costs. The item were EXACTLY as described....she NEVER asked for any measurements before bidding. She is the one who didn't like the item....I cooperated fully with her request to return it and gave her purchase price refund. This was not my fault and why should I be out the shipping costs. If I bought something from a catalog or other online store....I , as the buyer wooudl ahve to pay all shippiing costs. Beware of this one.

Reported at:
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The unscrupulous seller who posted this false report is ebay user funwiththekids. If you look at their feedback, you'll see they conveniently leave false reports for anyone leaving them a negative or even a polite neutral. They are consistently called-on for being rude and hostile. Check their reports for holyphonemanx2 and huntin-n-fishin, they call people childish names and admit to lying at some points (a favorite tactic of theirs is to pretend to be other people in the comments) They have their own file on this site. Feel free to visit it and contribute info if you have any. ..... Funwiththekids's info: Name is "Ricky Melton", state: Massachusetts, phone number: (978) 968-5513

Posted about 11 years ago by 71.198.X.X Report as SPAM

The seller "funwiththekids" that posted this so-called bad buyer report has a long history on ebay of lying, making false accusations, and even threatening sellers who have filed a claim with eBay against them, or even "dared" to disagree or question them. This "bad buyer" report is just another example of their unconscionable and barbaric behavior. It is eBay's policy for the seller to refund shipping costs when they find that the seller was at fault. In this particular case, eBay did indeed find the seller had misrepresented the item and as a result found the seller at fault (NOTE: If there really is such a thing as Karma, this seller is in for some serious bad mojo)

Posted about 11 years ago by 96.243.X.X Report as SPAM

Not sure what you trying to do but you really need to get a life. Amazing how you think you know so much about everything when in know NOTHING. If you are such a tough guy....why don't you post your name. LOL....can't so that because you are a sad, pathetic, ignorant low life. Besides...I DO know who you are and have given your name to the powers that be.....

Posted about 11 years ago by 98.217.X.X Report as SPAM

You can't even tell there are different people talking?

Posted about 11 years ago by 71.198.X.X Report as SPAM

you can't even tell that you are a waste of breathing space. I could change my ISP too if I wanted to but I have NOTHING to hide. You have been reported and truly need to get a life. When are you going to get it through your little pea brain that whatever you are trying to do HAS NOT WORKED! My +++ feedback AND the money I make tells me that a little troll like you doesn't matter.....YOU don't matter...
What does make me happy Eric is that I know that I TRULY pissed you off LOL LOL

Posted about 11 years ago by 98.217.X.X Report as SPAM

Um, do I seem "pissed off"?

Posted about 11 years ago by 71.198.X.X Report as SPAM

You are either in love with me to continue this ridiculous stalking tirade or I really pissed you off....which thrills me incredibly that I did and lets me know that I won the war!! LOL LOL LOL LOL

Posted about 11 years ago by 98.217.X.X Report as SPAM

So, you think I am a stalker from your past romantically interested in you, angering people "thrills [you] incredibly" and you enjoy perceiving you are in some sort of "war"? Such theatrical melodrama. You are like a character from a low-budget reality show. You really want to portray yourself that way and be taken seriously? I'm afraid you've single-handedly made a strong case against yourself.

Posted about 11 years ago by 71.198.X.X Report as SPAM

Grow up Eric and actually READ what is written. You are TRULY a psycho....VERY sad that you have held such a grudge for over 2 yrs.....and all this crap has absolutely NOTHING to do with this report.
Go live you sad, pathetic little life.

Posted about 11 years ago by 98.217.X.X Report as SPAM

I am not Eric. Do you know how to look up an IP address? Please type "who is" in a search bar. It clearly places the IP in California.

Posted about 11 years ago by 71.198.X.X Report as SPAM

Readers please note, eBay user funwiththekid's immaturity and vindictive behavior is evidenced by their comments above (all comments which say "from 98.217.X.X"). Funwiththekids has also attempted to slander the buyers: huntin-n-fishin, momof5girls2012 , holyphonemanx2, and copprincess on this site with bogus reports and rude comments.

Posted about 11 years ago by 71.198.X.X Report as SPAM

And how do YOU know that they were bogus reports? I have the proof that they are 100% truthful. As I stated...I am a top rated power seller. Do you know what that means? ebay does not give out those classifications lightly. Your statements and the fact that you are keeping this up after several YEARS just proves you are a true psycho stalker who has no idea what you are talking about. Please go take your meds and get a life. What a sad little person you must be.....

Posted about 11 years ago by 98.217.X.X Report as SPAM

One of your "bad buyers" purchased a mere $3 item, another purchased a $5 item. You wrote this right in your own report AND I asked them (yes I asked them, we talked via the email you so kindly provided). You went on to call those people scammers, because they kept the 3 and 5 dollar items (which were incorrectly sized by you) rather than pay more than that to return them (you required they pay out of pocket). That's why we know they are bogus reports.

Posted about 11 years ago by 75.6.X.X Report as SPAM

I bought an item from this seller to a rip off and a fraud and selling fakes

Posted over 6 years ago by 162.158.X.X Report as SPAM
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