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Yes, this guy need $50 for revision from Negative to Neutral. OMG
about 5 years ago - from 61.152.X.X

This scam already receive the money, item and money for feedback revision.
about 5 years ago - from 61.152.X.X

Just report this thief (Kristaps Freimuts) to the Lativan Police (Valsts policija) and they accept the case. For all the sellers being cheated from him, please report and email the detailed information to their email Adress: Ciekurkalna 1st line 1, k – 4, LV – 1026 M – F, 8:00 – 16:30 Phone: + 371 67075212 Fax: +371 67075053 Secretariat: +371 67075030 E mail: PR Unit: +371 67075373 International Cooperation Bureau of the Central Criminal Police Department: Chief of the Bureau: Edgars Strautmanis, tel.: +371 67829487, e - mail:
about 5 years ago - from 112.119.X.X

his twitter
about 5 years ago - from 112.119.X.X

his photo
about 5 years ago - from 112.119.X.X

O really, I had much successful trans action if you want a deal then give all details, I will not lie to other users, even if you pay me 100 $ you asked: will I revise feedback for 50 $, yes I would, but nobody talked about setting it to positive, if you asked: will you change it to positive I would never agreed, because the item never came, as you typed the wrong address, and eBay Buyer Protection and post confirmed that it is a difference between post code 1050 and 1005, even a child would see difference, that was your fault that the item never came, so do not blame me. And I have left only 4 negative an 2 neutral feedbacks on eBay out of 40 purchases and 4 out of 6(negative + positive) are about item not received, so I am not a scammer and neater a thief.
almost 5 years ago - from 46.109.X.X

12668 23687
over 4 years ago - from 31.128.X.X

I have been also cheated by this guy. I reported the Seller Union to block you cipcaps and your Paypal address Big Liar, Your post code is 1005, NOT 1050 Patversmes Iela 24, Riga, Riga, 1005, Latvia Your address is verified by Bing Map, even a child would see difference and verified it "" Google Map Verification, ",+R%C4%ABga,+LV-1005,latvia&aq=&vps=1&jsv=435c&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=57.161276,79.013672&vpsrc=1&ie=UTF8&oi=geospell&ct=clnk&cd=1&geocode=FS2ZZQMde0NwAQ&split=0"
over 4 years ago - from 116.48.X.X

A thief never claimed himself as a thief. Just like Osama bin Ladin claimed that he saved the world. Kristaps Freimuts, You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. God know what you are doing.
over 4 years ago - from 119.236.X.X

He is thief, a young boy - but still a thief. That's a shame he is destroying his future this way.
almost 4 years ago - from 193.41.X.X

You are right, shame on him.
almost 4 years ago - from 119.237.X.X

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