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This guy is a total scum bag. Filth he sold me a harmony remote which he claimed was new but was used with greasy fingerprints all over it and charged an arm and a leg for shipping even tho it could have easily been picked up because it was only about 20 minutes away. He didn't want me to pick it up because his item stated it was new but used so he got mad and decided to leave this comment. Total scum of the earth. I got pics to prove the used item he sent me so I left a negative feedback on him. Fair is fair. Look my feedback up its 100% with many transactions.
12 months ago - from 74.101.X.X

This person only has 100% feedback because sellers can't leave negatives. Faulty eBay system allows people like him to tarnish seller reputation.
12 months ago - from 108.27.X.X

If a seller is being honest there is no reason they should have negative feedback. Greasy and scratched remote and hub with overpriced shipping. I play for my items instantly so why would anyone leave me negative feedback. I'm honest like you. Go wash your greasy hands. Your a sneaky filthy rat.
12 months ago - from 74.101.X.X

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