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Same thing happened to us. She purchased a 12-in. Round Nonstick Griddle for $59.95 with a Master Card and then charged it back.
over 3 years ago - from 205.197.X.X

Luckily I had delivery confirmation that proved she received the item and I won the case. I wish we could leave feedback on a buyer to warn others
over 3 years ago - from 98.217.X.X

I had delivery confirmation to prove she receive the item but she won still. It was because her address was unconfirmed on PayPal. She had USD28.14 back, and I had to be punished by her credit card center of USD20.00.
about 3 years ago - from 71.61.X.X

This customer ordered from us twice and claimed there was "nothing in the box" even though tracking# showed a weight on it
over 2 years ago - from 67.208.X.X

she sure has a hell of a racket going to get free items. I am lucky. I won the case. And she hides behind a PO box and a hotmail email.
over 2 years ago - from 98.217.X.X

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