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Same thing happened to us. She purchased a 12-in. Round Nonstick Griddle for $59.95 with a Master Card and then charged it back.
over 4 years ago - from 205.197.X.X

Luckily I had delivery confirmation that proved she received the item and I won the case. I wish we could leave feedback on a buyer to warn others
over 4 years ago - from 98.217.X.X

I had delivery confirmation to prove she receive the item but she won still. It was because her address was unconfirmed on PayPal. She had USD28.14 back, and I had to be punished by her credit card center of USD20.00.
about 4 years ago - from 71.61.X.X

This customer ordered from us twice and claimed there was "nothing in the box" even though tracking# showed a weight on it
over 3 years ago - from 67.208.X.X

she sure has a hell of a racket going to get free items. I am lucky. I won the case. And she hides behind a PO box and a hotmail email.
over 3 years ago - from 98.217.X.X

Wow, thank you so much for posting this. You actually just saved me some money and the most important helped to not get into her scamming net. So she cannot think that she is the smart one can fool everybody else. I just had to deal with her on Ebay. She did exact thing to me, well she tried, but internet such a great thing now days, you can find everything, no info is hidden. I have reported her and won a case. Her ebay id for now is cynthiharne_0 and email is
14 days ago - from 64.64.X.X

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