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OMG! Stay away from this woman!! Within a few hours of delivery she opens a case, & is abusive!! She's obviously used to walking all over sellers, well 10 years of getting everything for free on ebay, will let you think you can treat sellers like dirt!! It's rare for me to tell off a customer, but after the way this low life treated me, I let her have it!! It's worth a neg to tell this b*tch exactly what I thought of her and how she's been acting! I'm not on ebay to be a punching bag to some a**hole! I've been in retail 37yrs, & I would've tossed her out of my B&M store without a refund for how she acted! Do yourself a big favor and stay far away from this arrogant, lowlife. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
over 2 years ago - from 166.216.X.X

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