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These sellers will attack your account and use these friends and family to ruin you, they will keep buying your items, leaving negative feedback, report to Amazon that you are selling Fake items, broken items, ect - until Amazon shuts you down. Arrow Media - Francisco Vera, Jeffrey Winkler, Amy Quarles, Matthew J Aden, Frankie Olguin, Sosa Games - Daniel & Amber Foote, Janine Lawton,and basically any order you get from the 46016 zip. Games Ink- Joey Pedone, Aaron Ledet, Peter Hess,David Hepple, Corey Baker JR,BrettFisher Greg T.Dougherty Mr Nice Deals- Chelsea, Angry Badger-Ash Alai? C & G Global LLC - Garrett Pyatt,Jimmy Fugato, Gamer Girlz Online - Lindsy Clark and Idaho, Wyoming are states she uses for test buys to ruin you Tonys Extensive Game Exchange- T. Vasquez, Antonio Pedone, Kathryn J Ralston, Christian Reyes CMA Games - Ann Cantando, Colton, MS Denise Whitney, Brittany Kalosza Pawn Depo-Jacqueline Tion Pacific Cions & Games- Kevin Rodgers, Christian Reyes?, Jeremy Levoye Way Too Many-Ash Alai Games Quere - Prodigy Networks - Kathryn J Ralston, Christian Reyes Video Game Gallery - Beware of "Test Buy" orders coming from these people. Also Google them - they are on Bad Buyer Lists and Bad Sellers List. They ruined me. So, I wanted to give other sellers heads up.
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5 days ago - from 172.68.X.X

Loser. Hahaha strike 1
3 days ago - from 172.68.X.X

These people are scammers Beware
3 days ago - from 172.68.X.X

Pacific coins and games sold me a fake Pokemon game. Horrible seller
3 days ago - from 172.68.X.X

Christian Reyes is a scammer. Plan is calle BEWARE
3 days ago - from 172.68.X.X

20170119lck 20170119lck
3 days ago - from 157.52.X.X

Random bad buyers:

Name / Username Email Phone Reported at
elilly22 (317) 717-2071 2011-12-04 see bad buyer:
MM Music 870-239-1717 2016-08-25 see bad buyer:
spatelosu0 (419) 203-7019 2016-05-26 see bad buyer:
Oleh Bob 2011-03-16 see bad buyer:
raquel brac 2015-09-14 see bad buyer: