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I have just had a case found against me and googled his name and this is the same buyer.I would be interested in discussing the matter with the other seller if possible.
about 4 years ago - from 86.174.X.X

Bad Luck
about 4 years ago - from 24.69.X.X

Luck has nothing to do with it.
about 4 years ago - from 86.149.X.X

True, all you can do is file a complaint with Ebay, and join the list. If you have sent an item to this chinese buyer by untracked mail, then most likely, you have just been robbed, by what is called Theft by Paypal. Thieves like this use Paypal as their weapon to get money from their victims, in the same way a bank robber uses a gun to get money from a bank.
about 4 years ago - from 24.69.X.X

No, u call up paypal and explain it to them. Ebay cust svc blows. Call paypal. They will refund u ur money. Trust me, i had to do thos with several fraud people. You will have to wait on hold for 45mins or so but dependn on how much it was for, u can get refunded. Paypal bases their seller protection on tracking, if u have tracking, and it shows its delivered, its a slam dunk case in your favor.
about 4 years ago - from 70.192.X.X

over 3 years ago - from 166.137.X.X

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